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I found this beautiful blouse and wanted to buy it, so I created an outfit for myself together with accessories in preparation for my fashion spree.

Thank you to all those who like, comment and follow me. You are beautiful and love you all.
This set is a gift to you. Tags below
1. @catwoman-7163 Veronica from Canada
2. @vanny
3. @halfmoonrun from France
4. @agolm
5. @monicarenda
6. @valentine-bk from France
7. @dulceamorbrunt
8. @d-highberg from the United States
9. @kristina-buhagiar
10. @sneky
11. @amaryllis from Romania
12. @toripete from the USA
13. @teen-outfits4ev
14. @fashionchampion52
15. @denise825 from the USA
16. @mzbossyfashions11 from the USA
17. @jeimtadije from Canada
18. @olga3001 from the Ukraine
19. @rockreborn
20. @lolamaria28

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