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Wrote two years ago
This is just gorgeous! I love the soft blue - navy combo!

Wrote three years ago
Totally love this!!!!!

Wrote three years ago
Congrats dear!

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Amazing Outfits (Outfit Only)

Amazing Outfits (Outfit Only)

This group focuses on the outfit. A set does not have to look like a magazine layout to be amazing. Please note...we are not teenagers, and will most likely not be drawn to sets geared towards the younger generation. Thanks for your interest. Jackie and Bev

Just the outfits PLEASE!

Just the outfits PLEASE!

How about a group for those of you like me who prefer the sets with JUST the outfit?!! A showcase of just the fashion! This is the group for you! NO extra fluff like backgrounds, props, magazine text, etc.! Contests will run frequently, because that's what I like too!! Enjoy!!

Passion For Fashion (Outfit Only)

Passion For Fashion (Outfit Only)

Show me YOUR Passion For Fashion!
NOT Allowed(unless specified for a contest):
1. Backgrounds.
2. Models/Mannequins(see 'Allowed section' #9 for exception).
3. No Body Parts (only exception is for 'sheer' tights, see #8 in 'Allowed section').
4. Pictures.
5. Hair.
6. Text(excludes signature, see below).
7. Electronics, Cameras, Headphones, Phones, etc.
8. Clip Art.
9. Bouquets.
1. Clothes.
2. Shoes.
3. Fashion Accessories.
4. Signatures.
5. Make-up Products(NO Pictures of make-up).
6. Subtle Shadowing/Blur effects for under items.
7. The Odd Camera Shutter/Flash effect.
8. 'Sheer' Tights; that you can see the leg through, as long as the tights fully cover the legs and that is all that is visible in the set.
9. Torso/Bust Mannequins/Displays will now be accepted, IF they are attached to a Dress or Top. As it seems a lot of people are still submitting sets of this type.
Any other questions please send a Private Message.
Thanks, Sincerely.
Amber ♥
This Group was Created: January 2013

Fashion Showcase (Outfit only)

Fashion Showcase (Outfit only)

Welcome friends. This group is an outfit only group unless otherwise specified. No backgrounds, pictures, images, props, headline text, magazine texts etc. Jewelry Accessories & Signatures are Welcomed when included in a fashion set like the example set to the left!!!
IF YOU ARE NOT SURE WHAT "OUTFIT ONLY" MEANS PLEASE CHECK OUT THIS FASHION TUTORIAL SET courtesy of @arjanadesign http://www.polyvore.com/fashion_tutorial/set?id=138671567&lid=3409109
Please abide by my rules or your sets will be rejected! Thanks for joining and I look forward to seeing all your beautiful sets:-)

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