Ana and Karen from NBC's SMASH.As was with my sex and the city BFF collection I'm going to talk about Ana and Karen and compare them to me and my BFF' style and personalities. Style wise I'm more like Ana and my BFF is more like Karen. I like lots of prints and craziness !! Also like Ana I cut my long hair and opted for the road less traveled with my short locks ( thought mine is blonde)!! However my BFF likes to where matching soled colors with little pops of color and prints ( she only started to love pink last year). Karen also tends to where boots and My BFFL loves boots!! And like Karen but un like Ana and my self as I cut my hair shorter and shorter hers got longer and longer!! Personality wise I'm a mix of both Karen and Ana tending to lean more on the Ana side. I love broadway And am a big city girl take direction well but I'm going to fight for what's right . My best friend is also a mix of both but tends to lean more towards Karen . She is really smart and has country routes thought she may not be a broadway girl she can bust out some awesome karaoke ( just like Karen did in redneck woman). What I love the most about these two and (as in my opinion) what is most like me and my BFF is even thought they are so deferent they can still be such close friends. We see it from the beginning in Ana's first appearance when after a tough brake up Ana lets Karen move in with her. Some think I know I would do for my BFF!! Love her and miss her so much !!
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