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Top Set on July 31st, 2013
Thank you so much @polyvore!!! #grateful

I was tagged by @absolutely-nice-girl Here:

Rule 1. Always post the rules.
Rule 2. Answer the question by the person who tagged you and write 11 new ones.
Rule tag. 11 new people

1. Age? 21
2. Nickname? KO
3. Where do u want to live? California
4. Where don´t u want to live? Really hot and rural areas, or areas that have a desert-like climate
5. Fave color? Blue
6. How many siblings u have? 3
7. Fave food? Cheeseburger *v*
8. Least fave food? Vegetables, especially the ones cooked with pork meat
9. Dress or jeans? Jeans everytime!
10. Idol? Are you asking about my favorite kpop idol? XD But I'm guess you mean like a role model. I don't really have one
 11. Mood? Uhhh...I can't decide! It's like a mix of irritated, regretful (I should go to sleep, but I'm not yet), and good Xd

I was also tagged by @peachgirl100 here:

1) If you could join any k-pop group which would you pick? why? Initially I want to choose a boy group so I can hang out with attractive guys all of the time but since I am a girl that won't work. Probably G.I (Global Icon), because they "generally" are more covered up than other girl kpop groups, and I like their clothes (they wear sneakers!) and the way they dance

 2) What movie or k-drama would you like your life to be like? None of them, the women generally aren't treated in a way that I like. I would be angry if some mean guy grabbed me by the wrist to take me somewhere anytime he wants. I swear that happens in like every drama.

 3) If you could join any k-pop company which would it be? why? I'd want to join one of the lesser known ones like Fluxus Music or Happy Robot Records because it seems like I would have more freedom with the type of music I could do.

 4) If you could befriend any K-pop idol who would it be? why? Daesung form Bigbang because he is really funny and seems like he would be a good friend.

 5) If you could date any k-pop idol who would it be? why? Jonghyun from Shinee because I think he would be really fun an romantic

 6) What is your favorite song of the summer? B.A.P.'s Hurricane XD
7) What k-pop group has the best outfits? They all seem the same to me
8) What book describes your life? None that I have read
9) What song have you listened to the most? On my iPod it would be Alarm Clock by Shinee
 10) What are your favorite brands? Brahmin, Kenzo, and Balenciaga
11) If you could learn any language what would it be? Spanish, I know a little, but I think that would be the most useful, and I can finally know what Dora the Explorer is saying!

Tuesday July 30th, 2013
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