2012/08/21 My Day @SMTown live in Seoul[120818]
it's 3 days ago. **Warning if you read it,such a complained that much**
Place set up at Seoul Olympics Stadium[open dome]
Idk this is like normal happened with SM con or not?
I never joined SM Con live in Seoul before.

Opening concept including fans to join the opening,sound like sport challenge in school[picture in your mind]my opinion is for what?,just made fans going crazy.

I trying to write good things from this con first.
for me concept special than another places,fans getting so closed with Idol,they look more fun and EXO got more space on stage specially Kai baby come on stage often.Srry ppl i came coz i want to focus only EXO&Kai.

To be honest me& @stephaniee90 absolutely disappointed we paid for high cost tickets[the truth is my sis give me free] why nothing comfort us.

We stand in the hole[near middle of stage t,totally noisy,childish,crazy fans push/crashing each other. 
and when their idol come closed to them those crazy fans run to catching ,yell/screaming all the times even we're stand in the hole those kids never ever respect to Ahjumma fans.

Idk the ground is original is the lawn field or coz of fans running made plastic[?] ripped just found out our jeans cover some mud.
and my shoe not the same before i come to the stadium,i can't stop laughing for this <33

That day the rain are fallen but not much coz of open stadium we felt wet,smell bad,unwell to stay with so many ppl in the hole,i can't breath well waiting till DJ falling in love again finished me&my friend get out the hole and come to sitting empty seat on the stadium so near where my sis living,i'm so sad to @stephaniee90 mosquito bite her got lots of red spot and she sick after that.

I can't focus on concert sorry i've very bad experience,sound so bad can't hear their voice clearly ,also how about concept for what?
not even gives comfort to fans.
I'm so happy to decided back to Tokyo to join live in Tokyo Dome so much better than live in Seoul no doubt that why they held concert 2 days and high pay for ticket VIP zone in Seoul only 280$ while in Japan 320$ and they know almost Japanese fans can pay for comfort seat[me too] and love to enjoy con with polite way not sound crazy no flash,no run allowed age since 18 not like in Seoul i see little girls yell oppa oppa like her life is no tomorrow[i borrowed from Stephanie she said this life don't ask her to join SM con in the hole again ,me too],at least in Tokyo i sitting on my seat enjoy my time ,screaming sometime and fans respect each other,my cloth back home with the same.

And the ending if you watch fancam you'll see they allowed fans to joined stage and that time seemed likes world war 3 happened.

So yaaaa,back home with confused not even took clear picture or record audio and ppl looking to us what wrong with this 2 girls who've mud on their shoes,I’m rest for life 3 days so tired of it.

Suggest fans who want to join SM con specially live in Seoul must check out open stadium or indoor,you must have strong nerve,can speak Kor some words like get out from me,don't push,or calm down,words can save your life.
you might be get hurt if you not run following crowd even you don’t want to move.

I'll join only EXO concert in the future only they come to Tokyo surely i'll run fast to reserved my VIP Zone.

If you ask me who join so many K-group's con not sound biased but Big Bang stage,seat,fans,cost is the best even small hall but fans not push to each other believe me.
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