Warning: Icky, gross story follows...you've been warned :)

I grew up in a very rural area and during the summers my grandmother would watch me, my sister and my cousins. We all used to go down to the creek and catch these little soft shelled crabs (they look like crawfish, but aren't fit for eating) and then set up a stand and sell them for fishing bait on weekends. We kept them in a box in my grandparent's garage. Well, somehow one of them escaped and when I was walking through the garage, I stepped on it.....WITH MY BARE FEET!!!! It was the most horrible, awful, gross, nasty thing ever....and it sounded WORSE!! To this day, I absolutely loathe stepping on any bug I think might crunch and won't unless there is no else around to do it or I can't locate the flyswatter.

For the Fear Itself contest: http://www.polyvore.com/fear_itself/contest.show?id=72941
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