Name: Karmal Andiposs
Nicknames: Karma (don’t add a ‘Chameleon’ to that), doesn’t go by Karmal because most people end up calling her Caramel, and that isn’t her name, yanowatimsayin’?
Age: 21
Birthday: 09.09.91
Where from: Albuquerque, New Mexico
Job: Character/Perry the Platypus (wears a costume that is slightly too big for her, but she claims it fits her perfectly)

The rest is all here:

Hey ladiesss! You should swing by and say hello sometime! I'm really not that hard to miss, being the only giant turquoise platypus in a fedora and all!
~ Karma

I'll be writing a story for this week's events soon, hopefully. Maybe tonight. But while you're waiting for that, stay tuned for Six Degrees of Karma :D

@fleetingfanfan @wishes-and-dreams @hannahbbmmiller (I couldn't resist mentioning Lila, I feel like she's the type Karma would love to bug). The story's a bit awful, but it's done, haha!

Wednesday June 13: The summer season has started and Disney would like to welcome all new and returning staff members. To celebrate this occasion Disney is hosting a dinner for park employees and offsite employees. It will be held at the Disney Hotel. This will be a great chance for you to mingle and get to know everyone you will be working with this summer.

For as much as it was a bit of an eyesore, Priss’ old Camino was reliable, but more importantly the best way to roll up in for a party. It was a conversation starter at best. Priss, Dee, and I all marched into the hotel, arms linked and ready to party (now that Priss and I had had our daily scolding from Dee about lounging on the kitchen furniture like house pets). The place was jam-packed, not that I hadn’t expected it to be - there were oodles of people working for Disney after all. I had met some people earlier in the day when I had been shambling around the Cali Adventure that I stopped to talk to, reintroduce myself, laugh, and pass along. I had my eyes peeled for one particular fiiiiiiine individual that Prissy happened to be rather disgusted with for the time being. I should have been more supportive, I suppose, of her anger and been all “Mmmmmhmmmm gurl, you swing that fryin’ pan the next time you see that glorious jawline” but I wasn’t, and I wasn’t sure I cared that I wasn’t. Keiran Edevane looked, smelt, and talked like a god and I wanted some of it. The only problem is, I’m hopeless at flirting, something which many of my exes have only been too happy to remind me, especially my last flame, ‘Phineas.’ She enjoys teasing me about it endlessly.

Passing the champagne fountain, Prissy and I waved cheerily at the sour wedding planner who had a name that neither of us could remember (something like a flower?) who simply glared at us. I half considered asking her if she was going to be starring in the upcoming Ice Queen movie, but Prissy tugged me in a different direction, calling out to a couple princess face characters that she knew. They talked about different things that I wasn’t aware Prissy was even vaguely interested in, but I threw in my two cents every so often while craning around looking for Keir. I had been dying to actually talk to him, at least in coherent sentences since every time I saw him around the park I could do nothing but squeak (which was unusual even for me) or I was wearing a gigantic platypus costume - and just in case you were wondering, yes, it is really hard to hit on someone while wearing a costume twice the size of yourself, especially when, as a rule, costumed characters like myself weren’t supposed to talk. To anyone. Ever. Which makes sense, it’s actually kind of hard to hear, let alone be heard.


Hearing the familiar voice, I spun around grinning broadly at ‘Phineas’ and ‘Ferb.’ We had decided ages ago that we shouldn’t know each other’s names but call one another by our character names like management did. It was more fun that way, until Phineas and I started seeing each other; Ferb was left out of the loop, but he usually is, sweetheart that he is, he’s got his mind elsewhere.

“Ferb! You came!” I squealed, jumping up on my tip toes and throwing an arm around his neck. “I thought you would be doing the Mr. Mom thing tonight!”

“My babysitter came through,” Ferb replied, returning the hug. Ferb, as I said, was a sweetheart. A single dad too, but wholly devoted to his little boy. It was adorable. “Daddy gets a night out tonight,” he smiled.

“You’re looking...casual tonight, Ka- Perry.” Phineas grinned at me.

“I aim to underachieve!” I exclaimed, waving my arms about to show off my outfit, which was a little casual in comparison to some of the things other people were wearing. I didn’t care.

“Phineas agreed to be my designated driver tonight - you want a drink, Agent P?” Ferb asked, raising his voice over the din in the room.

“Hit me!” I grinned broadly at him as he laughed and disappeared in search of prime drinks. I would have loved to see what he would be like flat out drunk, but the Disney Hotel was not the place nor was this particular party the time to do so. I made a mental note to experiment at a later date as Phineas siddled closer.

“You’ve been ignoring my texts,” she told me, trying to keep her tone light as she picked at her sweater.

“My phone broke a couple weeks ago,” I lied. Our break up, to be clear, was a good clean break. Phineas had been really good about it since I kind of initiated it, though afterwards we were still...visiting each other after hours. Friends with benefits, Prissy said. I had agreed, but the day I got a really good look at Flynn Rider, that was it. It was possibly a little cruel, but I had tried to stop it with Phineas gradually. And then she found out I had the hots for Keir and it went a little downhill before struggling back up. The past month she had taken to texting me more than usual. I had wondered if she was jealous or something, but instead of asking I had accidentally dropped my phone from the itty bitty balcony of our apartment onto the blacktop driveway. It was still kind of okay, but after that happened I started turning my phone off and forgetting where it had gone.

“Karm, you’re a really bad liar,” Phineas replied cheekily. Her hand casually grazed my arm just as Ferb came back, holding out a drink for me. Grateful for the slight intervention, I laughed and clinked glasses with him before tilting my head back and swallowing. Phineas laughed at the face Ferb made as he downed some of his. The three of us talked some more before Dee found me, wanting to drag me off and stalk (something I did best) the dashing young gent she had had her eyes on for a while.
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