Sorry I wasn't able to post a set this weekend. I'll catch you up....

I skipped school on Friday (I know, I'm such a rebel!) because it was my mom's day off, and she wanted me to go shopping with her for clothes for her new job. Before we went, I sat outside my house and listened to marching band practice (I live two blocks away, so I can hear everything! It was so cool!). We also finished up my back-to-school shopping and bought my homecoming dress! I love it! 

On Saturday, we had an optional band practice, so I went to that. I was a little jealous because one of my friends got to act as drum major for one of the songs. I'm afraid she's going to be a bit of competition for drum major. I don't want to be mean to her, but I desperately want it! :/

After band, Brittany and Logan came over, and we watched Les Miserables and Sherlock. They are just so cute together! I swear, it's like watching a romantic comedy. :)

On Sunday, I had church, and Brittany came. We had fellowship afterwards, so we got to hang out. That's when I got really super jealous of her and Logan. I go through spells where I absolutely love them, and then turn right around and want to throw up from the adorableness and jealousy. :/ 

I was better afterwards though. Being third wheel has it's perks, I guess. Brittany and I were sitting in her car in the church parking lot, and her and Logan were planning when they wanted to have their first kiss! <3 As soon as we left, she and I totally freaked out together! It was pretty awesome. :)

Today was... a mix of good and bad. Band went well; we're making progress. I had a geometry test (kill me now!). People in P.E. are stupid. We got my chem teacher totally off subject and spent the entire hour asking him random stuff about a-bombs and chloroform. We got Kindles in Honors English so we don't have to carry around a ton of books, so that was pretty awesome. :) Oh yes! My new friend Kelsie invited me to come shopping for a homecoming dress with her on Sunday! I can't wait! :D

And how can I forget about my interior design set making TOP SETS!!?? AGH! It was so great. ^-^ Thank you all for your support! I gained a ton of new followers and got 700+ likes on that set!

I hate to sound ungrateful, but it was kind of annoying to have to weed through all the likes though.... :/ It was a great honor, but hopefully things will slow down soon. 

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