+"Remember When" by Chris Wallace
| Sophie Laurence 1. 21.13 |
The best way to end the week is a girls night out! We're all heading over to 1020 to have some fun. After we will head over to Carly's place for a sleepover! A great way to finish a stressful week of work and school.

"Uuuuuuugh." I let out a long exasperated sigh as I plopped down into Ronnie's tall dark leather swivel chair behind his desk. 

"Soph, I kind of need that seat." He let out a small chuckle and took a sip of his spiked mocha. I knew it was spiked because I saw him slip in some tequila from a flask in his suit pocket. That's classic Ronnie for ya.

"I don't caaaare," I enounciated the last word and lifted my legs onto his desk and crossed them, leaning back in his chair. "I think I will fall sleep right here." I smiled and closed my eyes. I've barely gotten any sleep this week, Ronnie was letting me organize his files of models for the Michael Kors show. Well, he still had to narrow them down because there were too many. He said he would bring me to their second auditions if I was a good girl. 

And when was I not a good girl? ;)

"You know, I will let you rest in my chair if you come to my place to rest tonight..." He proposed the idea and I let out an obnoxious HA. 

I quickly rose from his chair and stood up straight next to it, "It's all yours." I motioned for him to take a seat and winked.

"You're such a little brat." He smiled and shook his head. "And you're so pretty, have I ever told you that?" He smirked at me and raised his eyebrows. 

"Nah, I don't think you've ever told me that before. How sweet of you!" I replied sarcastically and leaned against the side of his desk. A yawn escaped me and I reached over and grabbed his wrist to check the time. "5:03?! Ronnie I was supposed to leave at 4:45...!" I jumped up and went to grab my purse by the door. 

"Have a hot date or something?" He got up and walked over by me waiting by his door. "Because if not, I'm fully available."

"Actually it's a girls night. I need to go home and get ready!" I ran my fingers back through my hair and blew him a kiss, "Bye bye Ronnie." 

And I left him standing there desperately wanting me to stay, got to leave them wanting more right?

- - - - -

"Girl, look at you." Carly winked and I laughed. I felt like an upscale hooker. 

"Yeah, yeah. But you always manage to top me and look ten times hotter." She gasp-laughed, "Yeah okay Soph!" 

We stepped out of the cab and joined Seqouia, Mirian, and Maggie on the curb outside of 1020. 

"Where is Kylee?" I asked and the girls shrugged their shoulders. 

"Work, traffic, with a boy?" Seqouia suggested, "Somebody text her."

"I will!" Miriam sent her a quick text and we all walked into the club. 

About an hour later, Kylee walked in and joined us at the bar. "Hey!" She greeted us and sat down. 

We all said a unanimous "hey girl" and she order a Shirley Temple. 

"Soph!" She squealed when she noticed I was having a nonalcoholic beverage as well. "You're the best." 

I smiled and lifted my glass to hers and took a sip. I normally would be the girl hammered here, but anything for Kylee. Plus, I don't need alcohol to have a good time. ;)

A little while later a few of us made our way onto the dance floor. It was crowded, loud, and definitely sweaty. Ew. But if you weren't sweaty that means you weren't having a good enough time, right? I danced my way through the crowd of people trying to find my girls.

Suddenly I was Kylee pushed up against some guy, who was REALLY cute! It looked like an awkward situation based on the expression on her face and the fact that they weren't dancing at the moment. She looked over at that moment and saw me, I winked in encouragement and she gave me a smile. Ehh I will find out the details of who that fine piece of candy was, don't you worry Kyles! 

"Sophie Marie, not dancing? What kind of world is this??" A male voice said and I did a pivot turn to find the one, the only, Liam Connors standing behind me with the cheesiest smile plastered on his face. 

"Why hello there stranger." I broke into laughter and gave my best guy friend a hug. Me and Liam used to work together at a small coffee shop around the corner from the FIT main campus. Ever since, we've been inseperable. 

"What brings you here Soph?" He asked and grabbed my hand to twirl me around him. 

I couldn't restrain my smile, "Girls night with Carly, Seqouia, Miriam, Maggie, and Kylee." 

"Ahh," He nodded, "Nice. I just thought I would go have some fun for once. Making coffee and studying isn't all as fun as it's cracked up to be."

"Since when do people think studying and making coffee is fun?" I cringed my eyebrows and he laughed, "Sarcasm." 

I rolled my eyes and he put his hands low on my waist and starting moving me back and forth to the beat of the music. "Come ON, I thought dancing was your thing?" 

"Duh, it is!" I winked and danced with him for a little bit. At first I was dancing with the air until he brought me closer to him. You would think it would be awkward, but it wasn't at all. Liam and my relationship was very complicated, he's like the best friend you love, but not sure if it's a friendly love, or a boyfriend love. I could honestly stand here and tell everyone that I love Liam, but we tried dating for a brief time and that horribly backfired. And I mean despite popular belief, I'm not the girl to have a friend with benefits. Not my thing. 

I saw Carly from the corner of my eye and I saw her shake her head and laugh when she noticed Liam next to me. All the girls knew about our complicated-ness. 

I stepped away from Liam when Carly approached with Seqouia. "Hello Liam." She smiled and Liam nodded. 

"Hey ladies, how are you?" 

"Oh just fabulous, and you?" Seqouia giggled and grabbed me in her arm. "You're going to be sad now because we're stealing Soph." 

Carly winked and Liam put on a pretend pouty face. "But we were having fun!" 

"Yeah yeah yeah, now it's our turn." Maggie and Miriam walked over to join us. 

"Peace out Li." Carly smiled and waved goodbye and lef the girls to the door, I turned around to see him still smiling, I gave him a kissy face and a wink and with that we were outside. 

"Oh Sophie, Sophie, Sophie." Miriam laughed at me and I laughed as well. 

- - - - -

At Carlys place, we all gossiped about work and the guys in our life. No one seemed to have a perfect relationship, and we are all there for each other to give advice and comfort each other. That's what best friends are for right?

I looked over and saw Kylee fast asleep. I noticed everyone was looking at her as well. A devilous smile spread across my face and Mir couldn't hold back her laughed. 

"Anyone else thinking what Mir and I are?" I got up and was already in Carly's drawer grabbing a rainbow of markers. 

"Um duh!" Maggie chuckled and snatched a handful of markers from me. 

"Let the artist through first." Carly made her way through to doodle on her forehead. 

"Awww poor Kyles." Seqouia was nearly rolling laughing. 

We do it out of love Kylee <33


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