-"Velvet Arms" by Jay Loftus (AWESOME song, I keep listening to it, haha)

This is what I'm wearing to school, but I think I'm gonna be something different on the actual night. But my guy friend is gonna dress up like Matt Smith, so I promised him I would call him "Chin-boy" all day, haha.

It rained today, but I made cookies and muffins. So now my house is all cozy and good-smelling, haha. 'Twas indeed fun. ;)

Gaaaaaah. I seriously need to finish my college essay. Which is the main reason I'm finally publishing this. Procrastination is seriously built into my brain or something. What are you even supposed to WRITE for these essay things? "Hi. I kinda sorta want to go your school. I'm just filling this out cos my parents told me to. But pick me anyway. I'll probably do something good with my life. Maybe. We'll have to see." If that doesn't get me in, nothing will....aaaahhggghhahghaghahah. I hate this.

Sigh. I'm done...for now. :P

P.S. Kinda random, but last year's Halloween DIY contest was the first contest I ever entered. Ever. Haha, that's kinda cool...or maybe I'm just amused by stupid things. I dunno. :P

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Wrote 4 years ago
@bummbl2b33 Mine too!!! That's why I picked her...she's just too awesome, I'm SO glad she's the new companion! When the first preview for the Christmas episode came on after the finale and showed her, I totally just freaked out, haha xD

Wrote 4 years ago
AH you picked the girl fom DOCTOR WHO LOVE THIS! my FAVE episode so far this year!

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