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where did you go - a rocket to the moon.

for; EJSC round 5!
had to use a dress,heels...etc. :)

I made this like...a week ago...

I was being Taylor Momsen an hour ago.
I was sharpening my eyeliner, which is like reaaaaally black and heavy and crap and then it got stuck in the thing and I took it out with my finger and put it all over my looked nice actually.. haha no it actually looked like i took a black permanent maker and went over it on my eyes. 

I didn't look like a raccoon though...but omg that shit was the hardest thing to take offffff.
it was all over my face and everything.
and my hands..

i wonder how many blackheads Taylor Momsen has... o.O

ah polyvore even changed the bottom of the page...
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