March 1 - Tea time! Some of the girls are gathering at Courtney's for an afternoon away from the busy, oh-so-masculine world we live in now.
I wrap a blonde strand around the barrel of the curling iron loosely, counting to twenty in my head before letting it drop, falling into a gorgeous, loose curl. 

I wrap one more strand, the last one, around the barrel, counting as I previously did before, before again, letting it fall down, cascading down my shoulders as the other blonde curls do. I run my fingers through the hot, heated curls softly, careful not to disturb them.

I smile at my reflection, my face looking back at me in the mirror as I apply some baby pink lip stick to my already pink lips, and then some blush on the apples of my sharp cheeks. 

Ready for tea with the girls! I think to myself in my head. 
Courtney has arranged a tea party for all of us, the girls that are betrothed to the werewolves that is. It seems like a good occasion, and I love tea, so it's not like I mind going. 
And this is one event that I don't have to lie about my whereabouts to my family, which is lovely. 

I button one more button on my long, light coloured shirtdress that falls over my tall body. I figured it was appropriate for the occasion- not too dressy, but not too casual- and with my gold, ballerina like flats, it goes along so perfectly. 

I take a final look in the mirror, grabbing my tan coloured bag off my vanity as I sling it over my shoulder, walking out of my bathroom, and heading down the hall, and then down the stairs, towards the front door of my house. 

"Rose?" My mother's voice startles me as I grab onto the door's handle. I hadn't even noticed she was sitting there, honestly. 

I look at her, turning to see her sitting in one of the kitchen chairs, legs crossed over one another, and a book in her hand, her reading glasses perched perfectly on her nose. 
"Yes, mother?" I ask her, looking at her innocently.

"Where are you going?" She asks me, curiosity right in her voice. 

"Tea with the girls," I say. "I won't be out late," I add.

She nods, "Okay then, run along, have fun!" She smiles at me and I breathe a sigh of relief. 

I open the door, stepping outside to the sun shining down on my face, the air damp and cool. Even for the first day of March, it feels nice, as if spring is really coming, it's really on its way, I think to myself as I head through the woods of our vast property, towards where Courtney is hosting our little tea party.

This is going to be nice, I think. Just the girls, little fine china tea cups in our hands, talking on and on about our husbands or boyfriends or whatever, it doesn't matter, we're finally getting a day of girl time, a day for us. 

I reach the small, wooded house, and I stare at the door before reaching out and knocking gently, daintily, almost. 

Courtney answers the door and I smile at her, "Hi," I say to her with a little wave as she opens the door a bit more, inviting me in. "Hi," She greets me, "Come in," She says and I walk into the cute little house. 

Arranged in a circle were a few girls, one, I easily recognized, with the fiery red hair and freckles, it was Jacelyn, I smile at her, "Hello," I say. 

Jacelyn and I don't particularly know each other, but in a way, we do… if that makes sense. 

"Tea?" She asks me, smiling as she holds up the vintage looking tea pot and a little cup. I smile, nodding as I sit down amongst the little circle, "Sure," I say as she pours me a cup and I smile, taking it, "Thanks," I say, sipping the hot little cup of tea. 

A little while later, a blonde girl walks in, she seems familiar, but I can't place her name at all. She didn't really hang out with us girls, ever, she stuck to herself, she flew solo. 

I learn that her name's Lucy. Yes, that was it. 

I smile at her, waving, as Kat introduces us, and I cross my legs nervously. I don't know what it is about meeting new people, maybe I'm just too shy or just a bit too much of a prude or something, but it makes me nervous. 

I take a few more sips of my tea, then standing up and excusing myself to go outside. I needed some air, it was hot and stuffy in there and… I don't know, but I just needed to breathe, no thinking, no anything, just breathing. 

Lucy follows me outside and I smile at her, "You feeling alright?" She questions me. 

I nod, "Oh yes, of course," I tell her, as I tuck a loose blonde curl behind my ear. "Just needed a breath of fresh air, it's stifling in there," I say. "Lucy, you seem nice," I muse. "You're married to Stephen, correct?" 

She smiles slightly, "Thank you, and yes, I am." She says. "Well, I guess I should go, tell them all good-bye for me? Nice meeting you," She says, waving to me as she walks off, in the direction of her car I suppose. 

I nod, taking a fresh breath of the newly spring air before I head back inside. 
"Everything alright?" Jacelyn asks me. 

I nod, "Yes," I smile. "Of course," I say, picking up my teacup and taking a sip.
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