♦ Braden Smith
Age: 23
Bio: Braden has been through a lot. After having a child with his high school sweetheart at 18 his life turned upside down. The following months were filled with tons of diapers, sleepless night, and a shot gun wedding. Next thing Braden knew he woke up to find his daughter and his wife missing with only the ring and a few baby toys left. It took him a long time to accept the fact that neither of them were ever coming back and he still hasn't fully accepted it. Instead, he's just decided to give up on love altogether Now Braden is stuck with a job he hates and an apartment he hates just as much courtesy of his parents.
Job: public relations for his fathers company
Status: Single
Looks: Tyson Ritter
Taken by: *Carlayy*

I groaned, rolling over and reaching for my phone, "Hello?" I answered it groggily, glancing at the blonde who was sleeping in the bed next to me.
I sighed, instantly recognizing my dads stern voice, "Yeah?"
"Where the hell are you?"
I glanced over at the clock, realizing that i was about two hours late for work, "Shit. Sorry, i totally forgot. I'll be there as soon as i can."
"Don't even bother coming in anymore."
"Are you firing me or something?" I questioned, a little hopeful that he was if i was being honest. I hated my job. I wasn't the type to sit at a desk all day.
"No i'm not firing you but there's no point in you coming in. I do expect you to come to dinner tonight with me and your mother."
I rolled my eyes, getting up and walking into my kitchen, "I'll see."
"Braden," He sighed. "It wasn't a question. You're coming."
"Right," I responded, only half listening to what he was saying as i took out the milk carton and a box of whatever cereal was in my cabinet, pouring it into a bowl.
"So we'll see you at seven then?"
"Mhmm," I ate a spoonful of the cereal. "Bye."
"Braden!" My dad yelled right before i clicked off, tossing my phone to the side. I ate another spoonful of the cereal, glancing around the mess of my apartment. F.ck, i really needed to clean. This place was gross. 
"Morning," I heard a voice behind me. 
I turned around and looked at the girl standing in front of me in just my t-shirt.
"Morning princess," I said trying to remember her name. I think it was Allison? Or maybe Addison?
She walked over to me, wrapping her hands around my waist and kissing the side of my neck, biting on it lightly. I smirked, moving my hands down to her ass and picking her up, setting her down on the counter. I peeled the shirt off over her head. Cleaning could wait.
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