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my first one had the jonas brothers in it but they only made an appearance in it giving me like a drink or something. i woke up for a bit and though"jeez! why do they only ever make appearances and not just be in my dream the whole time sexin' me up or something??" i was half awake when i thought this so just. forgive. lol
my second dream was the one that was random. it was set during prairie times or whatever and we were making that big trek or whatever to the midwest or some shit. i had thriteen brothers that were SMOKIN' HOT but were all the same guy. i had wished in my dream that they weren't my brothers because i wanted to make out with them. lmao. and i had twelve sisters that all looked the same too.
anyway. we came to this bridge where one part was sunken onto the river. the bridge was only like a foot above the water. some uncle and a cousin were going to "help" get us across. they had me and my dad in the dream go some weird way and i crossed the sunken way by climbing across the rope railing. the bridge was a maze kind of bridge btw. my dad fell into the river because he tried to swim across the sunken part. my uncle and cousin were trying to kill him or something.
i ended up getting separated from my mother and hottie brothers and stuck with my 12 sisters. then there was like some time fast forward and my sisters and i were talking care of 13 kids. we were in this large shower to clean them but then a plasma screen tv like they have in bars appeared out of nowhere and there was some football showing and i think the 49ers were playing. idk.
then my brothers came in through the door that was opposite and diagonal from the one my sisters and i came in. and behind them is my dad who is HUGH JACKMAN. i was like "WTF." everyone was smoking too and daddy jackman gave me his cigarette and i smoked it. it tasted like beef. i liked it. lol.
then all of a sudden i go outside and it's modern day but i'm in some abandoned wild west town with some creepy old guy in a rocking chair and some people from school. we all have 3 packs of orbit gum in different flavors. mine was sweet mint because i like that one. :D i saw alexa chung and that one chick from she's the man that was sebastian's girlfriend that didn't like amanda bynes's character. they were my age and the blonde girl was trying to act like alexa chung and alexa chung was having none of it.
i turned around and saw this girl i used to be friends with and started to talk to her. she obviously didn't want to to talk to me but did anyway to be nice. then that guy from jonas who was joe's childhood friend came up to us. he was gay though and he said "hey ladies!"
and then i woke up.

it was the weirdest thing ever. omg.
red velvet cupcakes for anyone that read that all. :))
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