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I was half asleep with no intention of getting up soon when I heard two knocks on the front door. I groaned audibly before getting up. I considered leaving it, but it was probably good. Maybe this way i'd actually do something to day instead of lay in bed hungover and then call a girl to f.ck me tonight. That was starting to get tiring. 
I made my way to the front door, unlocking it and pulling it open to reveal an about to leave Kat. She turned back to me, her face looking anxious and pretty nervous. It was cute. "Kitty, you're early," I yawned, pushing open the door more.
"I'm late actually," She replied flatly as her eyes landed on my body and I bit back a smirk. It was becoming more obvious that she definitely did think I was good looking, I think she just didn't want to act on it. For what reason, I didn't know.
"Oh," I nodded inside. "You can come in." It wasn't that I had forgotten that Kat was coming per say, I wasn't surprised to see her at the door or anything. It had just.... slipped from my mind for a second. And I was happy that she was here, so even if I wasn't exactly ready for a visitor, I wasn't going to ask her to leave.
She walked in slowly, like she was a little scared of what she'd find. I closed the door behind her and she glanced over her shoulder at me, running her hand through her hair, "I'm not interrupting anything or... I can come back." She was definitely nervous.
"No," I shook my head, grinning at how cute she was. "Do you usually drink this early?" 
She raised her brow, "It's past noon.. how is that early?" 
"What time do you usually wake up at?" 
"Ten," She shrugged. "And no, I don't start off every morning with a bottle of vodka if that's what you're asking." 
I held up my hands in mock defense, "You're the one who said 12." I didn't mind though, i'd had drinks for breakfast more than several times.
She parted her lips like she was going to speak, but then just smiled, only to speak sharply again, "So are we just going to stand here and stare at each other, or are we going to drink?" 
"You're feisty," I smirked at her. I didn't get annoyed by it though like you'd think, it just made me like her more. I liked her more with everything she said. She opened her mouth, like she was going to say something, but then decided not to and shut it. I smiled, "Let me get dressed. The liquor cabinet is on top next to the stove. Good alcohol is in the back," I told her before walking towards my room. To be honest, I wouldn't have even bothered throwing on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt except for the fact that I had a feeling there was a good chance I could become hard fast just looking at her, and it wouldn't be too easy to hide in boxers.
I made my way into the kitchen and paused at the door, taking in the sight of Kat's a.ss as she kneeled on the countertop to reach the liquor. She looked ridiculously hot and I could feel myself getting hard just looking at her. I was definitely grateful that i'd gotten dressed. She turned, aware of my presence. "What are you drinking?" She asked grabbing a bottle of chopin and setting it on the counter.
I shrugged, "I'll just start with a beer for now," I told her. Honestly, my head was still pounding from the night before.
"A beer? Really?" She raised her brow, climbing off the counter and walking to the fridge. I had to bite my lip from laughing at how comfortable she was already as she pulled out cranberry juice and a beer. I was surprised I even had anything at all in the fridge. I didn't really keep it well stocked.... at all.
I grinned as she handed me the beer and I twisted the cap off and tossed it onto the counter. "Yes. Is that not okay with you?" I asked, my eyes falling to her chest. I couldn't help it... it was definitely the most noticeable thing about her. That and her eyes. Or actually, her whole body was really hard not to notice. The more I looked at her, the more stunning she seemed. And consequently, the more I regretted not sleeping with her or at least trying harder to.
She shrugged, "I just thought we were drinking for real... where are your glasses?"
I took a large sip of my beer before setting it down and walking to another cabinet. I grabbed two shot glasses before getting a larger glass for her. "I never said I wasn't going to drink more, I just said I wanted a beer too. Don't worry kitty, I won't let you get wasted by yourself," I smirked, trying to get the idea of sleeping with her out of my mind. I had told myself I wouldn't sleep with her now and just stay in friends territory, I intended to keep with that. "Do you just drink vodka?" 
"No," She said seriously. "I just think vodka tastes the best."
I nodded, agreeing with her completely Vodka had to be my favorite liquor. "I agree but I have to ask a question first, how old even are you kitty? I have a feeling the way you look doesn't give the best representation of the truth," I bit back a smirk. She looked like she could be 21 at the oldest, but I doubted that was true.
"Why?" She cocked he head to the side and smirked, "Are you going to card me and send me home if I'm not of age?" 
I shook my head. I wasn't 21 either. Plus, I started drinking at 14, i'd be a huge hypocrite to tell her to go home because she was too young. "I'm already assuming that you're not 21." 
She bit her lip, "How old do I look?" She asked, leaning against the counter and in return giving me an even better view of her cleavage. She was so hot in a completely natural way. No matter what she was doing she looked good.
"Not much younger than me..." I trailed off, looking at her body once again and grinning when she turned bright red. I hadn't even been checking her out, just trying to decide how old she was. "You definitely don't have the body of a teenager... but I'm guessing 18. Maybe 19." 
She nodded, "Good guess," She said, leaving it at that and turning around pouring vodka into a glass and then adding cranberry juice. Leaving at that made think that maybe she was actually younger, but then turned back to me, smiled, and pulled herself up to sit on the counter. She took a small sip of her drink before adding. "I'm 18. How old are you?" 
"Almost 20," I told her, smirking at the fact that she was blatantly staring at my lips. She wasn't very good at hiding checking me out. 
"And what do you do Owen?" She crossed her legs, drawing my attention to them even more. She. was. so. hot.
She tugged at the bottom of her shorts as the they rode up and I grinned, "What do you think I do for a living?" 
She looked at me, setting the cold glass against her thigh and drawing my attention to it. F.ck, every part of her body was perfect. "I think you're a musician," She told me. F.ck, right on the first try. I didn't realize it was that obvious.
"What makes you guess that?" I quirked my brow, taking a long sip of beer.
"Because you look like that..." 
"Like what?" I grinned, cockily i'm sure. I thought that maybe Kat was different, but she was definitely attracted to me. She was just different in that she wasn't going to act on it.
She shrugged, "You're hot. You look like the musician type." 
"Are you hitting on me kitty?" I smirked, amused.
"No," She answered, but way too quickly to be telling the truth. "What's the deal with the nickname? Did you forget my name already?"
I smirked at the fact that under typical circumstances I probably would have forgotten her name but she wasn't someone easily forgotten. I remembered everything about her. "Your name is Kat... but kitty fits you much better," I told her, smirking wider at why exactly I believed that it fit her.
"Why's that?" She raised her brow and took another tentative sip. I was beginning to get the feeling that maybe she wasn't the biggest drinker. If she hung around me for a little longer, that would probably change. Drinking was all I seemed to do lately. Drink and f.ck.
I was smirking once again, "Because I bet you'd be a s.ex kitten in bed." She was blushing instantly and that made me grin wide. She was drop dead hot, but when she blushed it was just cute and it really showed how young she was. And while we were really only about two years apart, it seemed like I was years older in experience. That might have been off, but it was the feeling I got. Then again, how many people could say that their fiance had died because of them at 19? 
She took a large gulp of her drink and avoided my eye contact, instead looking everywhere else in the kitchen except at me. It was actually even more adorable. Then, she seemed to catch something with her eye and I didn't even realize what until she was walking over to it and pointing to the small frame on the wall. It was a picture of me and Annalie at our engagement party. "Who's this?" 
I had gotten rid of a lot of stuff that was hers, or had anything to do with her... but I couldn't get rid of this yet. I couldn't get rid of every reminder of her because I still felt like she was going to walk through the door one day just like she'd never left. Still, moments like this when someone asked about it and I had to explain were when I really regretted having anything. "My fiance."
Her eyes widened as she stared at me, "You have a fiance? You might be the biggest a.sshole I've ever met."
I shook my head. I hadn't even caught myself when I said she was my fiance. And it was ironic considering she hadn't even necessarily been my fiance when she died. That didn't change that in my heart she was. "Ex-fiance... sorry." 
I couldn't help but think how much of an attempt to save myself it sounded. I wasn't even surprised when she looked at me, still doubtful. "If she's your ex why would you still have a picture of her?" She asked, her eyes falling on the picture again. I tried to ignore it as much as possible and downed almost half of my beer quickly. I would need to alcohol to talk about this. And the funny thing is, normally I wouldn't talk about it. But Kat wasn't going to be some girl I would f.ck and then kick out and something told me that I should tell her. 
"She died 7 weeks ago," I told her flatly, forcing myself to look away from her because I didn't doubt that I had the most depressing look on my face. 
"Oh," She said simply and I heard her walk away and back towards me but I just finished off my beer and tried not to think about anything. And then she was right in front of me and wrapping her arms around me. I was never a hugger and it would be an understatement to say I was thrown off guard.
I slowly wrapped my arms around her. It was awkward and first but it actually felt good to not hear apologies and crap like that never helped. A hug helped... especially a hug from a girl who looked like Kat did. That might have been wrong, but I was a guy and she was hot and I had a really good view down her shirt at the moment.
She pulled her head back a little, but continued to hug me. "I take back what I said..." She murmured quietly, pulling away, which I was pretty thankful for. I wasn't sure how much longer I could be pressed against her before I got hard.
"Which part?" I asked, looking down at her. She leaned against the counter before pushing herself up onto it again. 
"You're not the biggest a.sshole I've ever met," She smiled, her eyes searching before landing on the bottle of vodka resting on the counter. She began to pour two shots and I grinned. Using alcohol to deal with problems? She was my type of girl.
 "No?" I grinned.
She shook her head, "No.... I think you just need better friends. You deserve to be happy." 
 "Better friends?" I asked slowly. I didn't want this to get sappy. But luckily, she grinned and held up two shots. 
 "Yes," She smirked, "Someone like me." 

 "Kitty," I said. I was pretty annoyed that we were still standing here after half an hour and were still waiting for a cab.
 She shrugged, staring at the deserted sidewalk and the huge statue of John Wayne. Literally no taxi had passed us, only a steady stream of Disney buses. "Taxi's aren't as common here," She told me, and I had to wonder why she hadn't mentioned that before so we could have called a taxi or something.. "We probably should've booked a shuttle." 
 "Can we call a taxi?" 
"We can, but that would be pointless since one just pulled up," She smirked, nodding her head towards the yellow taxi parked at the curb. I headed directly over to the front and told the driver where we were headed, the Anaheim Plaza Hotel & Suites. Kat had booked the place and I didn't know much about it, but I was trusting it'd be nice.
"I thought you were from Los Angeles," I said, sliding my hand around her waist once we got in.
Kat looked out the window for a few seconds before looking back at me and smiling, "Anaheim is only about 25 miles from LA. Me and my best friend used to hitchhike there all the time." 
"You had a friend?" I widened my eyes but smirked teasingly. Though honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if she only had few.. not because it was hard to get along with her or anything like that, but because she had told me she hadn't had many. 
"Of course I had a friend!" She nudged me in the side with her elbow. "He was my neighbor." 
"He..." I trailed off. Of course her friend as a teen would be a guy. I had to admit that maybe that fact made me a little jealous... but then again, my best friend for years was Riley, and then Kat.
She grinned, glancing up at me, "You're not jealous, are you?" 
I intertwined my hand with hers and lifted her left hand, revealing the ring on her finger. I would be very jealous, except that Kat was all mine.... and she would be forever. "Nope." 
"That's too bad... you're pretty irresistible when you're jealous," She leaned her body into mine, resting her head against my shoulder.
"Just when I'm jealous?" I looked down at her and smirked because I already knew her answer would be all the time...and mine would be the same. Kat was always irresistible and the fact that she thought the same was probably why it was so hard for us to stay off each other.
 "No, all the time," She said softly, brushing her thumb across my hand. She seemed so innocent but I didn't doubt that she had some dirty thought running through her mind right now. I was thinking about how much I wanted to f.ck her right here in the taxi.
 I grinned, reaching my hand out to c.ock her head up towards mine before pressing my lips lightly against hers. I wanted to do so much more, but I saw the hotel coming up out my window so I pulled away, "We're here baby." I slipped my arm from her waist and dug into my pocket for my wallet as the driver pulled up to the hotel, telling me the charge for the ride. 
 I handed him the money, thanking him before sliding out of the cab behind Kat, my bag in hand. Kat intertwined her hand with mine as we walked into the hotel which stood practically directly across from the Disneyland main entrance. "It's nice, right?"
 I glanced around. It wasn't necessarily where I'd typically stay... at all. But all it took was one glance at Kat to see she was grinning. She. was. so. adorable. I kissed the top of her head, pressing my lips close to her ear, "It's perfect."
"Really?" She looked at me skeptically, like she knew that I probably wasn't being completely honest. But the fact that she was happy made me happy. 
"Yes," I nodded before smirking, "I've always wanted to have the children in the hotel room next to mine ask what those noises coming from the other room were," I said, referring to the fact that the hotel was filled with children and didn't look like the place that'd have the thickest walls.
"We don't have to have sex Owen, it's only a couple of days," She told me, her eyes innocent and her tone serious. F.ck I prayed she wasn't being honest because there was no way I could last. 
I shook my head as we came up behind a young couple with four children who were completely out of control. It was seeing people like that that put in check why I should wait longer to have kids. Would I be the happiest man alive if Kat told me she was pregnant tomorrow? Absolutely. But it wasn't something I would probably choose on my own. I leaned closer to Kat, staring at the youngest of the four children who was now blatantly picking his boogers. "We absolutely do... and anyway, I don't think you could last."
"No?" She bit her lip, her eyes moving from mine to the family now too. The mom was arguing about the room or something like that.
"No. You want me way too badly kitty," I smirked. "You always have... since the day I first met you."
"Since the first day we met?" She titled her head to the side, pressing her body into mine. Whenever we were close or together, it was so easy for me to lose myself when we were together. It felt like it was just us.
"Yes," I said simply, smirking because I knew I was right. "Ever since I said -" 
She set a finger against my lips to quiet me, only to replace her finger with those soft lips of hers. Her hand ran down my neck, her fingers intertwining through my hair and her tongue sliding into my mouth as I cupped her a.ss.
I would never want to stop kissing her. Ever. But then I heard a huge squeal coming from the nose picker. "Ew!!" He said behind Kat, but I didn't want to move from this spot. It was perfect.
 She smirked against my lips, pulling back a little, "You're bad." 
 I shook my head, stepping back slightly even though I didn't want to. I didn't want to move my hands from her perfect a.ss either to her back, but I did, "You're the one who kissed me..."
 "You were right," She grinned wide. That perfect, gorgeous grin. "I've wanted to do that since the day I first met you."
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