lullaby // electric tiger lily

so just a quickly finished set (that suddenly looks a lot like a lot of other sets...hmmm...) to update y'all.

i've been in nyc for a week now and i'm loving it. i'm going to miss this city so much when i go to college. i won't just be able to be like "hmm...i'm bored...i want to go to nyc" and hop a train and go. the city has everything i could ever want; i can't wait to move back here after college.

my internship is fine. basic starting internship duties like filing and packaging stuff. nothing major. hopefully by the end of the month i'll get on a computer and do some design stuff. but i'm also way out of my league in terms of experience. i'm the only non-college student working there, and only one of two who're technically there as a "design" intern. eep. but everyone who i work with is really chill and we had an ice cream party already so i like it.

it's freaking hot here.

i bought some cute clothes.

how is everyone? i'll be on for like 10 minutes after i publish this then i'm going to bed 'cause i'm so freaking tired.
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Wrote 5 years ago
"hmm...i'm bored...i want to go to nyc"
Um I kind of hate that you can do that now. Darn the west coast for being so spread out. I am in love with your style btw.

Wrote 5 years ago
gorrgggeous :) i love the outfit, again
& the shoes !

Wrote 5 years ago
gorgeousss! pretty starries.

Wrote 5 years ago
The shorts are so cute!


OMG! i can't belive its not popular!

OMG! i can't belive its not popular!

its about fashion! of course i want my sets to be popular i have always wished that but what i really want is to have fun while creating my sets! and i want a chane to have a popular set! so if u have a set like that then add it! and im not going against people that have popular ones u can still add them here! plz message me right away! add a set that u worked on so hard and it didnt get any where!

everyone on polyvore.

everyone on polyvore.

Biggest and most popular group on Polyvore, EOP is the group to join if you want your sets featured and seen.

Dangling off the Edge

Dangling off the Edge

I thought that was such a cool name! The name really doesn't pertain to what the group is about. This group is for anyone and everyone who loves being creative and believes that there are NO RULES in fashion. Because there aren't. BUT fashion is not the Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, Hollister, or Abercrombie... unless you can make any of that even look like fashion, your set might be deleted, sorry. A contest will go every week and I will have a "set of the day" everyday, AND a Member of the Week every Sunday. So have fun, and enjoy!!!

{leboutonderose}'s awesome contacts

{leboutonderose}'s awesome contacts

Group created on the 4th of November 2010 by leboutonderose.
Moderated by Ange & Ivy
This is just a fun group where you can submit any sets you like. Of course we will have contest, but the most important thing is to get to know other people. I have so many awesome, nice, talented, funny, creative... contacts. Hipster, high-fashionista, arty people, roleplayers and preps and I think that they should get to know each other :)
Comment&fave other peoples sets and they'll return the favour. AND you'll make new wonderful polyfriends and besties. ♥
Last but not least this group is dedicated to all of you, for your breathtaking creativity, awesome support and amazing friendship!

models & mojitos

models & mojitos

Whether your making a roleplay character, looking for a model you saw somewhere or just like looking out for fresh new faces, here is the place for you.
Here at models & mojitos, we want to create the biggest model directory on Polyvore.
To use the group, click the to link below to find all the models you need.
Our collections are constantly being updated and expanded.
We're all dedicated to finding the best and newest models and organising them so it's easy for you to find exactly what you're looking for.
Model Spotlight: http://www.polyvore.com/model_spotlight_arizona_muse/collection?id=1136952
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