Cassiopeia Janai De Luca
{The Newbie}
Seventh year of Ravenclaw
ancestry; Italian Half-blood
model; Barbara Palvin
mirror of erised; Cassio wants her father to be better more than anything. Cancer is slowly eating away his life, and he's just a sick shadow of what he once was.
boggart; Spiders scare the living daylights out of the young girl, as her boggart would give evidence to.
patronus and the memory used to conjure it; The first sign Cassio gave of magic was when she was nine years old, when she made the flowers in their garden come back from death into full bloom. She always thinks of that and the way her father was so excited when she wants to conjure her brown bear patronus.
wand; 13 and one-half inches of Holly with Hungarian Horntail talon
style of dress; Cassio, despite being given many new things, still dresses in a majority of hand me downs. She doesn't get many options, and hardly anything ever fits perfectly. It's not to say she's drab, for she makes due best she can; she just isn't wild.
status; Cassio isn't sure what to think of the school she's been thrust into. People are nice, but she doesn't know who she can trust and what she should do. There is a certain interest in her from the last person she'd expect - - a rebellious Professor Malfoy. She's not sure what to make of him.
biography; Cassiopeia is a born and raised Italiano, fully immersed into the culture and language. Her parents were poor but in love, and nothing could go wrong. That is...until money just became too scarce. Cassiopeia had more siblings than fingers, and being the youngest of them was no easy task. She always got the hand me downs, and not even the decent ones. Despite having a wizard father, none of the children showed magical talent...until Cassio. The brunette beauty became the apple of her dad's eye when it was discovered, but her siblings became cold and distance. Where they all used to get along and play together, she was now excluded. It got even worse when their parents began to spend more money on her: new books, new Wizarding things, a wand. They couldn't very well afford this stuff! Although Cassio did have magic, she did not get to go to a school when she eleven. Her father kept her home, teaching her spells and magic on his own. It wasn't until now, when he has fallen very ill - - much to Cassiopeia's dismay - - and cannot continue their lessons that she has had to take to learning somewhere else. She's found herself in the ranks of Hogwarts, but things are so overwhelming and she can't help but stutter in English. Cassio seems so lost...but she'll have to find her place soon or be eaten alive in the process.

I sat on the doorstep watching my siblings squeal with delight as they indulged in a water fight. Of course I wasn’t invited. The older ones sat on the outskirts, my sisters in bikinis tanning their olive skin, whilst my brothers chatted to the neighbourhood girls. 

Sometimes I longed to join them outside. To give up my magic and be one of them again. But then I remember the look on my father’s face that first time I did the impossible. I must stop being selfish and strive to be the best witch there is, so that my father will be proud of me. 

“Cassiopeia.” came my father’s gentle voice. “Time for your lesson.” 

I looked back at my siblings one last time before running into the house. 

“You are my star.” he said to me, hugging me tightly. 
I nodded. 

Those were the same words to me he said to me all those years later when he told me I would be moving to England to go to school. 

“But father, I don’t understand.” I had replied. 

“I am dying child. And I need to make sure you are taken care of. You are very special. Never let anyone tell you otherwise.” 

I felt the tears fill my eyes as I tried desperately not to cry. 

My memories fell back to the moment when I brought our garden back to life. Since then my magic had grown stronger. Maybe if I tried hard enough I could make my father better. It was at that moment I vowed to do whatever it takes to become strong enough to cure my father’s illness. Maybe then my siblings would accept me and my magic and I can come home again. 

Why I tried out for this part? 

1. I love Harry Potter. Not in an obsessive way, but I am quite a huge fan so I know the basic structure of Hogwarts and everything. 
2. Cassio is so different to the characters I normally portray but she is quite like me in the sense that she is vulnerable, and really wants to be accepted by her family and peers. 
3. Barbara Palvin is one of my favourite models, I just think she’s gorgeous. 
4. I love the idea of playing the new girl, because I feel like Hogwarts is a chance for her to reinvent herself and get some independence. I expect she will make a few mistakes (especially regarding Professor Malfoy) and hopefully make a few new friends too. 
5. She is in Ravenclaw, and that has always been the house I thought I would end up in if I ever went to Hogwarts. 
That’s it really... 

My choices

1. Cassio
2. Castielle
3. Seren

BUT i REALLY want cassio.
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