I really want to start a story on here. I know what you're thinking- I've said this thousands of times before, but I'm totally serious this time! I have the plot and everything. I had a plot similar to this before, but I revamped it so it had more of a twist and more of a reason to write. I have the plot right here, so, if you'd please read it and tell me what you think, I'd love you forever! Oh and is this anyone's layout? I'm not very sure if I like it but I just needed something quick! If it's your layout, please comment so I can give credit! 
Aspiring artist, Lavender Olsen, returns to her junior year in high school as the center of attention in her rich, high-class, small town. After her attempted suicide a couple months ago, and her mother's tragic death just a month before it, people are trying to piece it together. Lavender has everything. A closet full of designer clothes (despite her not being the most girly girl), an overflowing amount of money, and a rich, lawyer father, who'd do anything for her. Lavender was always the beautiful girl with the smile on her face, so, why in the world would she try to kill herself? 
What people don't know is what really happened and what happens behind closed doors. But when Lavender meets Leo, the classic bad boy of the school, he ends up teaching her more than just how to smoke a joint, but how to love and appreciate life. 
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