“This goddamn weekend has been fucking bullsh-t,” Con mumbles to me as we make our way down to the beach. I nod my head in agreement. “The Tab thing still bothering you?” I ask him, even though I knew the answer. He nods his head. “You know, people do stupid things their first time, especially girls,” I say, trying to console him. “She was drunk, what do you expect?” I add. “I’m sure your first time with Miss Senior Sl-t was magical and super romantic,” I say, referring to the high school senior he slept with in eighth grade. He punches me in the arm, “Fuckoff, Wynn.” I laugh. So does he.

“What about you? Everyone is talking about you and Justin,” Con says. “Your point?” I ask. “You honestly don’t care?” He continues, surprised that I wouldn’t be caught up in all the bullsh-t like other girls in our grade. “Not really. I mean, I like him. We had s-x in Dylan’s guest room at the after-party, someone walked in. In the words of Drake, yolo. There’s not much I can do about it, Con,” I say, throwing my towel down and stepping out of the cover-up I was wearing. He snorts. “Is it making perfect sense to you as to how we’re related now? We’re both disgusting horndogs with an inability to stop flirting with everything of the opposite s-x?” I ask him and he nods his head in agreement.

“If you weren’t being such a doucher to Tabby, maybe you could actually make something happen with her right now. She needs a friend. Everyone’s alienated her. I mean, she can kind of thank me and Justin for taking the heat off of her, but a girl like Fallon is in for revenge and Beck’s a p-ssy for not defending his best friend,” I often rambled when there was gossiping to do. “You think she wants to talk to me out of everyone she knows?” Con asks as I put sunscreen on my stomach and arms. “I think she’d appreciate talking to anybody at this point,” I say.

There were parts of me that felt sorry for her and parts of me that were frustrated that she didn’t get it. Con wanted her. She wanted Con, no matter how much she didn’t want to admit it. They were supposed to be together. In a weird way, I kind of hoped the situation would help them find each other. My brother needed that, and to be honest, I think Tabby North does too.

“Grab me a Somersby,” I say to Con, referring to the cooler of beer that we brought down with us. There were only a few days left of school and the two of us were already on summer vacation in our brains. I hadn’t even attended class since the middle of last week. If there was one thing I could count on it would be that this summer would be even crazier than last. I smile to myself as the cold apple cider taste is in my mouth. I could live the next few months like this: beach, brews, Con and partying. That’s all I needed. Well, and maybe another sexual encounter with Justin or Ryan or someone.

@little-miss-rae (included you, Con and Wynn’s heart to hearts are Tabby centered today)
@keziahh (mentioned Dylan) and @henna-enjoys-the-little-things (Fallon)

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Wrote 4 years ago
@keziahh - Sorry about that, Dyl. Next time I'll be sure to follow through on that one. - Wynn [You're too sweet!]
@buds-over-studs - Thank you. That honestly means so much to me! =)

Wrote 4 years ago
I love this so much! You're such a great writer :)

Wrote 4 years ago
I adore your writing!!
and you didn't even make the bed afterwards...
x dyl

Wrote 4 years ago
@little-miss-rae I'm so down for a collabo. I will PM you some time soon! Con and Wynn are like my favourite relationship to write for right now, haha.

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