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I love Glee. You obviously know that because I always make Glee sets and stuff but this set is different. I feel like I forgot Glee’s true meaning with getting lost in how attractive everyone on the cast is or making up fake couples that would never happen on the show. We all do it, but is that really why we are fans of the show? Well that’s not how I became a fan.

Glee has changed my life. It has made me stronger, it has taught me to believe in myself and be myself. Glee is about celebrating who you are no matter who you are. Whether you’re gay or annoying or selfish or whatever it is. Glee shows that you are wonderful even if the rest of the people at your school don’t think so.

I really felt like the last episode spoke to me personally. I related a lot to Quinn. ( I’ve always been a mix of Rachel and Quinn. I can’t decide which one I am more like ) I feel like I want to grow up too fast and after watching that episode I realized I’m 15 and I’m never going to these years back. I feel like I’ve been turned on so many times, but maybe it’s my own fault even though I don’t realize it. 

Anyways, Glee is like a friend to me. Just the thought of going through high school without it makes me want to cry. This show is a show that perfectly shows my life. We don’t have a Glee Club at my school but I’m in Choir. Ya, we aren’t the coolest kids but we love each other and music. 

I love that Glee stands for making your own path and defying what other people say. Mike Chang’s storyline has been amazing and I know a lot of people who can relate to him. He is actually one of my favorite characters now that he is actually getting some lines.

Now, I know I’m one of the only HUGE Finn fans on here. But Finn is my overall favorite character because he is just a great guy. He is an amazing leader for the New Directions and he is a perfect example of what Glee is about. Think back to episode 1 of season 1 he said that he would rather be a loser with the glee club because it was something he enjoyed than be a popular football player. Or something like that. Then in season 3 he has been trying really hard to keep the New Directions as a family.

The song “We Are Young” I thought was perfect song for that episode and it was the perfect song for me to hear at that moment. I just really loved that episode. 

If Glee has changed your life and you are proud of it we could use more like you and me. Seriously, if you agreed with some of the things I said I’d love to talk to you. I love Glee.
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