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18th December 2012;;

"Do your friends even know you are here or should we expect the police to burst throw the door any minute." Leo said rolling his eyes as he sipped his coffee eyeing me off. 

"I messaged them saying i was off to get ingredients since they wouldn't let me bake." I said hunched over my head resting again my palm as i looked over at him. "So they won't know i haven't been home." I added.

"What if they check your room?" Summer asked from the kitchen area where she was cooking bacon and eggs. Or atleast attempting to.

"Why would they look in my room ?" I asked tiredly , those few hours of sleep i had were barely enough to be fully functional. Plus the events of last night were still fresh in my mind constantly replaying. It was frustrating to say the least , I wasn't one of those girls who ruined themselves over a break up. I wasn't going to fall to pieces over this guy.
I was stronger than this.

"Uhm well isn't one of you friends dating one of Li-" She started before trailing off looking over at me sympathetically. Part of me wanted to make some sarcastic comment about how mentioning his name wouldn't cause me a break down. I was fine , we broke up amicably. Kinda. 
But on the other hand who was I to say anything , I was hysterical mess when i got here last night , well earlier this morning.

"Yes Ally is dating Scott." I said confirming Summer's comment. "And your point is?"

"Don't you think he might have mentioned it to your friend?"

I sighed , there was some truth in that comment. Scott wouldn't be able to keep he secret , he was a terrible liar. My only hope was that Liam hadn't mentioned it.

"Maybe." I said frowning. "Look i'll have breakfast and then i will head back to Brown or at least a supermarket." 

"So are you sure you are going to need all of this?" Dean asked looking the two plastic bags he was carrying with disgust. I shrugged "The girls like to bake. Especially at Christmas time." I muttered. He rolled his eyes "You should have called one of them to come help you carry stuff."

"Could have. Should have. Would have." I said quickly waving my free hand dismissevly.

"Ahah. I think you are avoiding them." He said smirking. I rolled my eyes at him "And why would i do that?"

"I think it might have something to do with a certain brunette soccer player." He said looking at suspiciously. 

"You really have to be more specefic Dean. I mean there are plenty of brunette's on the team." I said rolling my eyes "There is River , Josh , Daniel or something , really there is to many where is the diversity?"

"Aria you know who i am talking about and going by the fact you are avoiding talking about him i am assuming it didn't go well." he said.

"Well we are almost at the house so unless you can bake..." I said trailing , i wasn't entirely sure why i was avoiding the conversation. It was a power thing i suppose , I didn't need peoples help or their sympathy. I could handle a break up, it wasn't like i'd run up to my room and listen to Taylor Swift songs.

"Aria just answer me this - are you okay?" Dean asked , for some reason i had a feeling he knew. I guess it might be obvious.

"Yes. I'm fine Dean." 

He shrugged handing the bags over "If you need to get drunk. I'm here for you."

"Go." I said shaking my head amused. I highly doubted i would ever take him up on that offer.


"Are you sick?" Grace said as i walked in the house , I raised an eyebrow "Do i look it?." She took a minute to ponder if i did indeed look sick , I wouldn't be suprised if i did.

"No," she said slowly getting up of the couch and coming over "But something weird is going on. Who chooses to get up early in the morning if they don't have to . And at that who chooses to get up early to buy ingredients?" she added dramatically , shaking her head as she looked down at me. Stupid tall people.

"You know Grace actually has a point." Clover said from the couch "Well kinda." she added looking at the triumphant smile on Grace's face. "What i am saying is what time did you actually get home last night? Cause we were up pretty late and you weren't home when i feel asleep."

"Are you on drugs Aria?" Grace asked. I shook my head laughing slightly "No, I just wanted to do something since none of you ever let me cook."

"That's because you in the kitchen is as much of hazarrd as your boyfriend is in general." Grace commented causing me to flinch.

"I should put this in the kitchen , the milk might go off." I said pushing past Grace and walking into the kitchen. 

"You okay?" Emilia asked from the kitchen bench , I looked over at her "I would be if people stopped asking me." I muttered hoping she didn't hear me. "Why are all you ginger bread people dead?" I asked tilting my head as i looked over at the christmas cookies.

"Because everyone is else is so...... happy. It's weird." She said frowning slightly. "Fair enough." I said nodding "I mean who wants to be happy , It's totally overrated." I said rolling my eyes.

"Atleast i am allowed to use the oven."

"I don't know why you all assume i can't cook. I'd probably beat you all if it was a cook off. " I said matter o'factly. 

"Yeah i believe you." she said smirking. I rolled my eyes at her "So apart from killing these poor ginger bread man and woman what are you doing?

"She is doing nothing." Bailey chimed bowl in hand. "You," she said looking at me "Can grab the cookie cutters and start cutting." Bailey said strictly handing me the bowl. I looked down "Okay dokey." I said looking around for a chopping board and a rolling pin.

"I'll do that then. Does anyone know where a rolling pin is?"

"Try the third draw." Cloe said , "Right." I finding it in the said draw.

"Woah you let Aria in the kitchen how brave of you." Ally said cheekily walking over to me. "Do insult the person with the rolling pin." I said chimed holding the rolling pin up. "Who know's what damage i could cause with this."

She laughed "Right well Scott is coming over soon , so i assume Liam is as well. You can use it all you want on him." she said jokingly. 

My face screwed up as i looked down at the now flattened cookie dough. "Uhmm." I began but the words were stuck. "Could you pass me the flour?" I asked lamely "The dough is stuck." I lied.

"Right." she said looking at me oddly before going across the room. I sighed, I needed to tell them. It wasn't even a big deal to them. I mean why would it be.

"Here you go."

"Right thanks. By the way Liam and i broke up. It was long and complicated and what do you think is more christmas-y the trees or the stocking?" 

"Doesn't matter i'll just use both." I commented to myself turning to look at Ally who was just starring at me with some sort of shocked look on her face. 

"What did you just say?" Emilia said looking confused.

"I'll just make both , you can never have to many cookies." I said smiling.

"Before that?"

"Oh yeah Liam and I broke up. It's a complicated and long story." I said pretty much repeating my previous comment.

"Are you joking?" Shay asked raising an eyebrow.


"And you are acting like this. I thought i would have to be suffering through one direction."

"I am not acting like anything. And i am suffering in silence like poor Harry has to do every moment he is with Taylor. If anybody needs a chrismukkah miracle its Harry Styles. Hey have you ever noticed Clovers.. whatever he is to her looks like him. Weird huh." I said quickly.

19th December 2012;;

"So are you sure you aren't going to break down in class?" Skye asked watching me an eyebrow raised in concern as we walked into the class room.

"Why would i breakdown on the last day of class?" I asked running a hand through my hair before making my way to back of the room.  I was pretending not to know what she was referring to , It was easy to pretend for the most part but people still bought it up.

"Yes. You never know who you might see on campus."  She said shaking her head.  "And also you avoiding this topic is not healthy. You aren't dealing with it."

"Would you prefer if i laid down for this surprise therapy session?" I asked sarcastically. She rolled her eyes at my comment before her face turned to the slightly worried face i'd received far to many times in the past 24 hours. 

"Aria." She began. 

"Skye." I said before sighing "I am fine. Really."

"Aria your.." She began before the rest of class came in followed shortly by Professor Morgan. She stopped her sentence sitting back in her chair. "Well will finish the rest of this conversation later Cohen."

"No we won't." I said in a sing song voice before looking straight ahead where professor morgan was talking.
"All i am saying is if Max cheated on me i would be throwing darts at a picture of him and planning his untimely and 'accidental' death ." Skye said walking out of the classroom.

 I rolled my eyes at her "Maybe i am just a little bit more sane than you babe."  

"No sane is hurting and anger. You have skipped two VERY vital steps of grieving." Skye said shaking her head. 

"We broke up. It's not like anybody died." I said annoyed. Honestly I wish people would stop making a big deal about it , i was handling this well so far. "And since when you did you know about the steps of grieving."

"I read about it in one of Josh's medical books." She said shrugging slightly "Feel upto lunch?"

"Who the hell is Josh?" i asked looking over at confused. Anger slowly beginning to rise, the idea of anyone , even Max , getting cheated on right now was something that p.ssed me off.

"Calm down Aria , Josh is one of Max's friends. Remember he was at your cupcake bake months ago."

"Oh..right. I vaguely remember him." I said barely remembering what she was referring to but i vaguely recalled some guy i didn't know hanging out with Skye and Max/.

"Wait why did you.. You thought i was cheating on Max!" she exclaimed slapping my arm playfully though it was pretty rough.

"For all i know you could have broke up." I said looking away from her feeling slightly guilt. Yes i wrong to assume that she would do that but Max isn't exactly a great guy. I could see why she would want to cheat on him.

I wonder if that is what people thought of me. That i deserved this. I am sure Tyler and Cameron would think i did.

"Well we haven't." She said cooly "Despite that ridiculous idea my offer of a end of class lunch still stands." 

"Sure. Where do you wanna go? I am thinking some where of campus." 

"Avoiding the issue is not going to help." Skye said once again trying to be my own personal free psychiatrist.

"I beg to differ. So i was thinking frozen yoghurt for lunch.I heard Junipers got some new flavours." 

"Uhm yeah sure." She said her attention else where. "Okay so are you going to drive or do we have to walk because these shoes aren't exactly the best shoes to walk in." I said looking down at my shoes.


"Yeah lets go." she said putting a hand on my back turning back towards the building that we just left. "Skye we are going the wrong way," I said turning back around.

"We could always eat on campus."

"And we could always go get frozen yoghurt." I said , even though originally my eating off campus idea was to avoid people. I suddenly found myself actually wanting frozen yoghurt. If Skye didn't come with i could always ask Emilia. Frozen yoghurt was one of her more innocent addictions.

"But isn't a bit too cold for it you know." she said looking down so that her long brown shielded her face. 

"No." I said quickly.  It actually probably was if you went but what you saw. Around us the lush greens and browns that usually surrounded  us where covered in a thin line of snow from the previous snow fall , the concrete path was wet with melted ice. 

"Well i don't feel like frozen yoghurt." Skye said her eyes flicking between me and something in the behind me.

I sighed "Skye you're acting weird."

I turned around to see what she was looking at and frowned slightly. "Liam. " I said flatly. I turned back to Skye and shook my head "You know i can handle seeing him. It's not like my  life will end."

"You think you can but when it comes to it you won't because no one ever can. Not after two days."

"Look can we get just go get frozen yoghurt. If i break down isn't better to have something yummy i can eat between break downs?"

"Fine. Don't say i didn't warn you."
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