I smiled to myself and scanned the restaurant, waiting for Donny to arrive. This was the place where he asked me to be his girlfriend, where we had our fist kiss, where we went for every anniversary…so whatever was going on today must’ve been important. 

“Hey babe.” Donny slid into his seat, smiling slightly. “Sorry I took so long, there was like no parking.”

Hm. No kiss, no comment on my outfit…something was wrong. Donny always had something to say about what I wore. 

“Is everything okay?” I ask, tugging on my hair nervously. “I know this whole muse/god thing is weird…but we can get through it together, Donny.”

“It’s not that, Erin…” Donny trails off, looking at me. “I’m just not sure anymore.”

“Not sure of what?”

“Of us. Of where we’re going. Of our future together.”

His words hit me like a ton of bricks. We had known each other forever…why was he doing this now, after two years of dating? “Of course we have a future together, Donny.”

“I just don’t know anymore, Erin.”

I frown, looking across the table at him. “What does that mean for us?”

“I…I don’t think there should be an us anymore.”

Oh…he was breaking up with me. He was breaking up with me in the middle of a restaurant. 

“Donny…please don’t do this. I love you….”

Donny shook his head and stood up. “I’m sorry, but it’s over.”

And with that, he walked out of the restaurant, taking my heart with him.

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