First, let me apologize for not making any sets for a while. I’ve just been so busy!! 

WELL GUESS WHAT. This Friday (TWO DAYS) I am gonna have my birthday party at the movies to see THE HUNGER GAMES. I was like kqncwrhjfjerhgvuckn????!!!! But yeah! Isn’t that fantastical?? My parents had a hard time getting the manager allow us to have a birthday party THE DAY THE MOVIE COMES OUT but in the end the manager agreed!! And my mom just got a Hunger Games cake done and I heard its gonna look so mellarkable! :D OMG I just can’t wait!! Plus, this is my first birthday party like, ever. So I really hope its gonna be a blast! 

ALSO OMG. So to get my class to read is like getting pigs to fly - in other words IMPOSSIBLE. But since I invited most of my class to the party they all wanted to start READING the BOOKS. I swear, I was so close to tears of joy. 

And earlier today I was talking with my crush on Aim for HOURS. He’s so sweet and this is something funny he said:

Me: Yeah its ok. At least there’ a reeeeeeally cute baby there so sometimes I play with him instead of keeping score lol 

Him: Cuter than me? lol naaaaahhhh that sounds so self-centered. 

Me: lol not as cute as u but still cute 

Him: AWWWWWWWWWW that just made my day :D 

~Le end of cute part of convo~

I had to admit it took some guts to say that. But isn’t he adorable? He knows I like him, and I know he likes me so its cool, bro. And I invited him to the party to so YIPEEEE!!! ♥ He wanted me to go on Oovoo later and I really think he was gonna ask me out but I couldn’t. L Oh well. This is why I thought that:

Me: So what did u want to tell me after school? Sorry I was talking to Gasper’s mom.

Him: What? Lol sorry don’t remember what was I like??

Me: Well Nichole was like pushing u yelling saying u had to tell me something and I was thinking “ Nichole is insane” lol but I had to talk with Gasper’s mom so u like left for a few minutes and then u came back when I was talking with Isabella but u didn’t say anything bout that. 

Him: Riiight…can u go on oovoo? 

~Le end of cuter part of convo~ 

But I couldn’t go on oovoo and he’s like awww how come so I told him I was a bit busy. And he said okay and we continued talking. 

Haha yeah. ♥ ANYWAYS. I think I wrote a lot today. J teehee I love writing a lot in my notes. OMG I JUST REALIZED SOMETHING. I invited 20 people to my party. That equals 20 gifts! 20 people x 1 gift each = 20 AWESOME PRESENTS!! HECK YEAH!!! 

I officially love this week. :D This Friday’s gonna be pretty busy too. We have to go to church after gym for Stations of the Cross. Then we have to stay later at school cause of talent show practice (it’s the whole class) and then is my PAR-TAY. OMGOMGOMG I AM SO EXCITED. So yeah. I’ll prob make a set sometimes during the weekend and FILL U IN ON THE DEETS. OMG and on the way to school this radio station was interviewing Liam Hensworth about the movie!!!!! And Liam was asked if the movie lived up to his expectations after reading the book and he said it did!!! 

SO YEAH. Life’s good! I’m having an awesome week J Yup. That’s it for today! Love ya guys!
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