And so I run now to the things they said could restore me, Restore life the way it should be

{Cough Syrup--Young the Giant}
I love this band
So I hate one of my teachers
She tells our class that we are never going to get into a good college(like Stanford) which crushes us because we are over-achievers and perfectionists
And she says that if we don't have time to do her extensive amount of homework it is our faults and she laughs at us when we are stressed and she says we are horrible at writing and I just bleh
So yeah that was my mini rant about my teacher who makes me want to kill myself :)
And at the beginning of the year she said she would be our friend and to go to her if we needed someone to talk to
And then she gets mad when we talk about all the work we have
I just
Be internet people
This isn't a very good collection thing but oh well because I just pretty much wanted to rant

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