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she didn't want him to run, he didn't want her to fear, nobody said it'd be easy, they knew it was rough, but, tough luck. - || flawless by the neighbourhood. 

- ☾ - 

yeah so i don't know this is supposed to be like, an introduction?? where i like, talk about myself?? but i've had so many accounts before that i'm so sick of doing introductions and i mean this isn't a place you talk about yourself all the time, you're supposed to help people. so y'know, if you want to know about me you might as well just pm me bc i am a lazy little shit? just know i like music, movies, shows, sports, and sarcasm. i would edit this later but i dont want to mess up this set since i had to recreate it like literally three times bc polyvore is a real pain in the ass. alright i should stop here, shot me a message if you find me even slightly interesting bc i have like uh no friends since i annoy everyone to death aha. and ps i am actually here for you. i may not be here like right away but as soon as i can thats for sure. i just felt like i needed to mention that ok bye i love you all. 

- pixie lott.
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