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Hunter Armstrong (20)
Hometown: London, England
Previous jobs: Waitress, art major
Bio: Growing up on the streets of london with her grandma as her only living family. Her Gran put her through an elite art school as a scholarship student, her grandmother was a womens activist in her times and wanted her grand daughter to have the same ideals as she does. Though Hunter doesn't fit the norm of a VS angel she couldn't give a flyiing fuckk about womens rights, or anything for that matter. She has never had a drive for anything really, she just does whatever suits her fancy and when she got recruited to be a model she said 'why not'. Now she is a VS model and living it up, while her gran sits at home ashamed and shunning her only granddaughter. Hunter tries to not let it get to her though.
Model: cara delevingne

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The phone rang shrilly in my ear, I was using my best multi-tasking skills to hail a cab and call my gran. I cursed as i got her annoying answering machine that included her daft cats crying out for rescue in the background. 
 "Gran pick up your phone!" I yelled into the cell hoping she would hear it from her tv chair where she was no doubtedly falling asleep to some soap on the television where everyone is related but they still somehow find people to bang.
 A few seconds later her muffled voice says "Alright no need to shout! What is it dear?"
 I took a deep breath ready for the helll that was to come. "So I got a big job today!" I said trying to sound as excited as possible hoping it would rub off on her.
 "Really? Are you commissioned to do some sort of painting for a gallary?" She said, I could just picture her trying to imagine how to turn it into some social statement to go 'against the man'.
 "No quiet..." I hesitated, finally a cab pulled over. I gave him my home address before returning to the conversation. "It is actually a modeling job."
 "Hunter you know how I feel about that nonsense." She said sternly.
 "That nonsense has been paying our bills. We wouldn't have made it last month if it wasn't for Burberry." I winced immeadiately, my Gran had plenty of retirement money but her health was going down hill and medical bills were getting more expensive.
 "Anyway I should warn you i will have to be leaving for it soon. I don't know how long, but it is big." I rushed trying to move the conversation along before she could say anything.
 She let out a long sigh over the telephone. "What would make you run off and leave me behind?"
 I braced myself "Victoria Secret, you know the shop with the little pink bags? I have an offer to try and become an angel." 
 My gran went off. Letting out words like 'objectifying' and 'rubbish' and 'pink thongs'. It took a good five minutes for her to be understandable to the human world again. But when she did she was painfully calm and cold "Don't you dare come to this house again young lady, not now not ever. Go to a hotel, a friends I don't care. Your things will be on the door step until you get your dignity and intellegence back you are forbidden from this house."
 Before I could even muster a reply the line went dead. I slowly put the phone down, my mouth went dry, "Stop here." I said to the cabbie my voice cracking. I slipped out onto the streets of london with only one option. I had to be an angel.
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