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315 pages. Approx. 156k words. That's what this very first, very rough, draft of Depth looks like. It is "finished" HOWEVER I know it ends a little more abruptly than I had intended, and I know there are some loose ends that need to be tied. SO I will probably be posting an epilogue sometime later this week. BUT to me, I felt like it shouldn't really go on much more because it just felt like it'd be dragging it out. Since it's just the rough draft, of course there are many things that need to be edited/changed/revised/added/taken out, but technically this is finished. I've been writing almost nonstop like this whole weekend and I really hope it all makes sense and you all like it. I know I know I know some things need to be fixed, but I just thought I'd post it anyway. MTW is my baby but I fell in love with Depth more I think, so I feel like it's so imperfect and I need to do all these things to make it better. But I'll stop boring you with my writer woes haha. In essence, please keep an open mind and I love you all so much!! I have to get to bed because I have my first day of my summer job starting tomorrow (well later today). 

Sorry for babbling, I mean maybe you'll think it ends the way it should and isn't too soon and such. Whatever you think, please please please let me know! And keep in mind that a short epilogue is coming, which hopefully will answer some questions you might have about some of the more minor storylines :))

I love Depth with all my heart and I cannot believe I finished it so quickly (compared to MTW). Started it in January, finished it in May. Wow. Thank you all for believing in me and sticking with me! <333 

If you missed the collection with background info, the synopsis, and models for characters, check out the collection, which is also where all my chapter sets are: http://www.polyvore.com/depth/collection?id=2201272

http://figment.com/books/464091-Depth [go to CHAPTER FORTY-FOUR through CHAPTER FORTY-EIGHT in the Table of Contents]
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P.S. In case you are wondering, I will most likely be publishing a set with my Depth playlist as well in the near future :)

P.P.S. I am like shaking awaiting all of your thoughts!!! eeeppp <3 #Beckland 

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