[collab with g. sex warning]

I switched the sign to CLOSED on the front door, locking and closing it. It was 10pm on a Sunday night and barely anyone had come by anyways. I turned around, leaning against the door and folding my arms facing Ryan. She was behind the bar cleaning the glasses. I raised my brow, "Aren't you supposed to be doing this?"
"Would you rather be cleaning?" she smirked back.
I stood up straight and started over for the bar, "I technically don't have to do either. I'm your boss."
She set the glass she'd been cleaning down, 
"So you'd rather be at home listening to your wife b.tch?"
"We're engaged. She's not my- "
"Same difference."
"You have some serious issues with marriage." I shook my head.
"I did," she grinned, leaning against the bar. "Not so much anymore."
"Do you honestly think that you'll never get married again?" I asked.
She bit down on her lip, then nodded her head, "Definitely never."
I smirked, shaking my head, "You're -"
"Spectacular?" she guessed. "The most intriguing person you've ever met? A ray of sunshine?"
"No, I was going to say you're something.."
"Something is good... Especially since you find me attractive," she pushed herself off the counter and turned around to put the clean glass away.
"When did I say that?"
She shrugged, "Because I look like the girl next door... but I'm probably the best f.ck you'd ever have."
"Care to prove that to me?" I leaned over the bar staring at her ass. 
"Not even married and you're already started cheating.." I could practically hear her smirking..
I shrugged, sitting down on a barstool resting my face in the palm of my hand, "Gotta deal with it somehow. Not like I even want to get married."
She turned around to face, "Then why do it?"
"We have a three year old. Rox would never let me see Lynn unless we're married." I sighed.
"Sucks to be you."
"Thanks for the encouragement."
"It's what I'm here for." Ryan shrugged.
I sat up a little and smiled weakly, "I need a drink."
She nodded, "Usual, Whiskey and sour?"
"Sure that's all you want?"
I paused, raising my brow suspiciously. Of course not. I needed more like fifteen of these things, and a good f.ck. But instead of tell her this I shook my head, "That's all. Why don't you take off and go to the Christmas party?"
"Another party where we live?" she poured the liquor slowly and slid the glass across the counter, "I don't know how many more of those parties I could handle.. Besides, none of the stores are open and I don't think any of the girls would enjoy me bringing myself as dessert."
"What?" I chuckled quietly.
"The invitation said a dessert was required," she leaned against the counter and grinned. "Do I look like the type that can cook a dessert?"
"Not even cookies?"
"Nope," she shook her head. "Why are you still here?"
"Because I don't want to go home," I replied, staring at Ryan blankly.
She nodded sympathetically and grabbed a bottle which was completely untouched, pouring two glasses all the way to the rim. "You're in luck because my night has just opened up," she set the glass down and winked at me.
"You know you're off right?" I set down my whiskey and picked the new glass up, smelling it, "Is this Grappa?"
"Yes, just drink it and enjoy your company."
"I never thought I'd hear anyone say that." I chuckled, downing the Grappa she'd handed me. 
"Really? I think you're a pretty nice guy." she shrugged, taking a sip of her drink.
I shook my head, "For now..."
Ryan smiled, "That a hint?"
"Take it anyway you want." I stood up and then tossed back the glass of Whiskey I'd neglected. 
She went over to the end of the bar and walked to the other side. Next thing I knew she was right behind me. I looked over my shoulder at her,
"You move pretty fast." 
"I've been told that."
"Not gonna fix me another drink?" I smirked.
"You just missed last call gorgeous," she brushed past me leaning into the chair, pressing her a.ss against me as she picked both of the glasses up from off the counter. "Are you going to stand there or help me?
"That depends on what you need help with," I snaked my arm around her waist, playing with the hemline of her dress.
"Closing," she looked over her shoulder and raised an eyebrow. "I'm cleaning... Are you going to help me?"
"Are you trying to get a raise Ryan?" I grinned.
"I have no idea what you're talking about..."
"You're such a tease," I breathed against her neck, pulling her dress up her thigh slowly.
"How am I a tease? Try asking me nicely.."
"Ryan," I hooked my fingers in the side of her thong, f.ngering the flimsy material softly. "Can -"
"No," she cut me off. "Isn't there a rule about f.cking your employees?"
"Fine. You're fired." I chuckled pushing her thong to the side, "For tonight."
"So that makes me not your employee until you finish f.cking me?"
"And every other time after."
She shook her head, "Who says they'll be another time?"
I smirked, plunging two fingers inside her without warning causing her to gasp loudly. 
"You will.."
She moaned out, kicking her head back as I pumped inside her p.ssy. She was soaking wet. 
My index finger pressed down on her cl.t while she leaned forward moaning louder. 
I stood up, pressing her harder into bar bending her over as my f.ngers worked her faster.
"Oh god.." she groaned just as I pulled out of her.
"So, you agree they'll be a repeat performance?" I leaned over her whispering in her ear.
"That depends on if you're better at f.cking than you are with your f.ngers," she smirked, as I unbuckled my belt.
"Are you telling me you didn't enjoy it?"
She set her hands on the counter, shaking her head while I unzipped her dress letting it drop onto the ground. "I'm we.t aren't I?"
"You're soaking wet," my lips brushed against her neck. I bit down roughly, ripping her thong off in one swift motion and then pushing her back against the counter. "Do you want me to stop?"
"No," she breathed out, spreading her legs further apart.
Without warning I slammed my d.ck inside her. She moaned reaching for the counter, knocking over a few glasses before gripping the it with her nails.
"I wasn't going to either way." I grinned against her neck, running my hand back up her spine then grabbing the back of her hair.
"You.. would've, even if I.. said no?" she said between gasps. 
"Like you would've said no." I thrusted inside her harder, deeper pulling on her hair. 
She was getting tighter on me as I increased my pace.
I bit down on her neck and she moaned louder. With a smile I backed out of her leaving only the head of my d.ck in her p.ssy
"I can't hear you." I chuckled.
"You're such an a.sshole," she shook her head as I pulled all the way out of her. "Is that it?"
"Hardly," I leaned against her, gliding my palm up her sticky thigh. "Maybe I'm just waiting for you to beg."
She let out a laugh, turning around and facing me. "I'm not going to beg you..." she shook her head slowly, eying me as she took a step closer.
"I bet I could change your mind," I grinned.
"You could try.." she smirked setting both hands on the counter and lifting herself up, spreading her legs apart, "Or I could just finish myself."
"Not a chance." I snorted, leaning in over her.
"You're going to give in then?" she smirked.
I shrugged, "Just to prove I'm not a complete as.shole." 
She parted her lips to say something but In interrupted her by forcing myself into her p.ssy again. I groaned as I felt myself getting even harder as her legs wrapped around my waist. 
Thrusting harder I placed both hands on the counter. She tossed her head back letting out a scream and started to come, the warm rushing sensation was enough to make me lose it. 
I slow f.cked her, grinding my hips against hers until both of us had finished. I felt Ryan's body shudder against mine as I left her. 
"I think I won that one." she grinned.
"We both did." I winked at her, "And hopefully not for the last time."
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