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Darien and I were getting dressed for our plans...mountain climbing. He looked over at me as I was buttoning up my coat. 

“You’re wearing /that/ ?” he asked, looking at my shorts

“Well, it’s not even that cold...” I added, “Besides, I don’t even like pants.” muttered

He laughed and carried me out to the living room. Those little trips in his arms made me feel content with my life. I was always looking for less commitment with men each night, but that was the only thing I needed. Looking back at my love life, I don’t remember why I was so scared to love someone the way Darien loved me. 

“What are we having for breakfast?” I asked

He looked down at me and smiled, “Anything you want!” 

I smiled and bit my lip,“Well, I don’t know...I’m not even hungry...” 

“You have to eat, Vol! It’s the most important meal of the day..”

“I swear sometimes you sound like my dad...ugh..” I rolled my eyes and laughed

He took the car keys and drove to a small french cafe. “Ooh! Crepes! I’m starving..” I added, eyes widened.

“I thought you said you weren’t--” 

I was already at a table when he realized I wasn't there. A waiter came by, “Bonjour! Welcome to Jetaime Cafe. What would you like to drink?” 

Darien smirked when he heard his french accent. I nudged his elbow. “Uhm, two coffees please.”

Once the waiter left, I laughed with Darien. “That guy sounds...stupid!” 

We kept giggling like school kids as the waiter came every five minutes to check up on our refills. Darien and I would purposely finish our coffee, just so our french waiter could come back. 

“That is it! We are out of coffee!” the waiter also had a short temper.

“Fine...” we laughed

- - 

We were at the very bottom of the mountain ; nowhere close to halfway. 

“Are we there yet?” I whined

“We’re not even close!”

I threw a snowball at his bosom, laughing at his facial expression. “Hey!!!” 

“It’s not my were in my way...” I giggled 

He threw one at my chest, “You were in my way too!”

I don’t know how long that lasted, but we were too tired to continue our climb. We were enjoying this mountain adventure ; acting like complete dorks and embarrassing each other in public. It felt right. For once, I felt as if I was genuinely happy doing something outdoors, sober. I was sober. and there was no 'intercourse' involved.

- - 

"FINALLY!" I shouted.

We were now at the top of the mountain. It took us about two hours. Darien and I kept stopping for pictures and retakes after seeing 90% of them were..'derps' as they called them on tumblr. 

[ flor ; haha tumblr ref! ]

"Let's take another picture!" 

"No! My phone is almost dead.. and you threw my camera off the mountain.."He frowned a little.

Oops. I guess I owe him a camera.

"Fine." I added, "let's use my phone. I'll get my pmsing photographer a camera tomorrow." 

He rolled his eyes playfully. "Pmsing? Really?" 
I nodded and laughed.

 "As if you're any better."

I furrowed my eyebrows, "What?! Repeat what you just said. I dare you. Just say it." 

He looked nervous once he saw my death glare. Mission accomplished.
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