December 2, 2012

Song of the day: Kiss You - One Direction

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Okay, bloggie time. Note: There may be quite a bit of 1D fangirling below, so consider yourselves warned.
1) First of all... HI! How are you guys? I've missed Polyvore this past week!
2) So my parents were both out of the house yesterday, so my sister and I put 'Take Me Home' on full-blast yesterday and turned our home into a 1D party house. It was fun. And this song kind of just snuck up on me and I was like "Ooh. How did I never notice how great this song was?!"
3) I'M GOING TO BE SEEING THE BOYS IN CONCERT TOMORROW. *SCREAMS* I can't even get that through my mind. This day just snuck up on me and before I knew it, it was December 1st and now it's the 2nd and tomorrow is the 3rd!!! Wow. I got those tickets so long ago, I never even thought this day would come. And now it's here. And I'm so excited. But so nervous. And there's so much planning that needs to go into tomorrow, but I have yet to begin! I've been so busy, I haven't even had a moment to think about it. But it's here already, so I kind of need to! Guys, help me... WHAT TO WEAR? (note: it's freezing cold in NYC so think cute but cozy)
4) State of the Union: I have fallen victim to the British charm of a certain other boyband on the X Factor UK: Union J. I haven't watched the show religiously this season just because of a lack of time, but I've been slowly catching up on YouTube and yeah. Just to inform you of my latest not-quite-but-almost-an-obsession. To be fair, they're actually good singers. They really are. I mean, Jaymi is just incredible. And George Shelley reminds me of Harry Styles a tad bit. Teehee. Oh, and James Arthur is simply amazing. I remembered watching his audition when it first came out, and I'm so glad he's made it this far. And I still maintain that the UK X Factor is better than the US one. I don't know. Just my opinion. 
5) And continuing my State of the Union, moving on to the US X Factor... I don't like Emblem 3 anymore. They're not good singers. And it'd be so unfair if they made it really far just because girls love them (and don't tell me that's what was the case with One Direction because their talent level is so much higher than Emblem 3's). And they're not even that cute. At least, I don't think so. But I really love Fifth Harmony. Lauren's amazing. I love her. And I'll be so annoyed if Emblem 3 edges them out of the competition. And omg don't even get me started on Carly Rose. She is out of this world. Pure talent right there.
6) Look at Josie's latest cover: I'm not like an Elvis fan or anything, but I thoroughly enjoyed this cover. It was amazing. SHE needs to go on the X Factor or something.
7) Oh and check out this video: I discovered him on someone's Tumblr and just had to check him out. I think he's amazing. Check out his "Call Me Maybe" as well. It's one of the best covers I've seen of that song.
8) Speaking of Tumblr... I realize it was like my one-year Tumblr anniversary last week or something because I remember I got it last Thanksgiving. Lol. Yay for Tumblr! I don't blog on it regularly or anything, but I go on it everyday pretty much because I love scrolling through my dashboard because all the texts and quotes and stuff I see there are either hilarious, inspiring, or just so darn cute. It's fun stuff. Ooh and yeah if you don't follow me, check out my Tumblr here:!
9) Okay. I'm afraid I've wasted my entire morning on Polyvore already. So... bye guys! Have a good week! xx
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