~One Direction, Back for You {THIS SONG IS SO SWEET and I'm applying it for today for all the soldiers/marines/etc coming home for the holidays <3}


Jennifer Lawrence... this outfit... turkey... pumpkin pie... omg why #perfection.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING (to everyone who celebrates it)!!!! Some people say Thanksgiving is just kinda a random holiday to get off of school and work, but Thanksgiving has always been important to me because it brings all of family together, and it's just a day to really be thankful for all the things you take for granted. We are so blessed to live in the USA and have all kinds of things like technology, always available water, food, shelter, and people who are always there for us. I think Thanksgiving is a day to just to thankful for all of that and your family and all the things we are able to have. I hope you all are thankful for those things too :)

I am thankful also for all my amazing Poly friends! You guys are the best, seriously! I hope you all have great holidays this winter! I want to specially dedicate this set to all the girls in The Greatest People You Will Ever Meet @istylista @the-importance-of-being @etchasketchinlola @the-wild-things @mariajane @alycat @wakeupfarah @thatporcelaindoll @withacherryontop @rockets-and-rainbows @hannah-grace @luvbug44072 @nifty-nikki @suchawasteofayoungheart @coriiiii @hautedamn BUT also if it will let me these girls, I know I will leave people out and I'm sorry but know I love you!! @diegolohve @deercat @glitterinmyviens @elizabeth-kate @hijabikebabi @haute-hippie @lostinsuburbia @ashley-rebecca AND SO MANY MORE (I will tag some in the comments if I can) I WISH I COULD TAG MORE I'M SORRY I LOVE YOU ALL I AM THANKFUL FOR YOU ALL <33

xx Taylor
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