name: Margot Flemmings 
age: 23 
background: Margot was always a bit of a bi.tch. Overly ambitious, driven, she’d tear down anyone in her path. But when she broke down after the remains of Cassidy Perkins were discovered, the town didn’t know what to do with that either. Now that she’s just released, the town’s about to find out just how crazy she really is. 
status: The crazy one 
bio: Margot is a genius. Her social life has suffered severely because of that, although not by others’ faults. Her snobbishness, aggressiveness, and perhaps even craziness alienated people. She never had friends, but she has followers, as everyone was just a little bit scared of Margot. In fact, the A team was her idea in the first place. She was by no means the leader, but she hated Cassidy the most. Rumor had it, her hatred came from a certain love affair Margot had with a boy who could ‘”never leave Cassidy for his family’s sake.” At the time, Cassidy was the only thing in her way. And after her disappearance, it sure seemed that way, until of course those bones were found. With her A-type personality, Margot finally officially lost it. Many considered it grief, but she was locked up and analyzed for two months. Now released, Margot’s back with the boy, back to scaring people into listening her, and ready to cover this thing up. Her upcoming transfer and scholarship to Harvard’s graduate program are at stake. 
relationship: casually hooking up with Cassidy’s boyfriend, Jared Lane
Model:Charlotte Free
taken by: @swing-life-away
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