Monday: A simple photo shoot today and a little interviewing on the journalist’s part. But for the rest of the day, Bali is yours to explore! Do what you want just remember that early tomorrow you are back on a plane.

I slung my bag over my shoulder as I slid my hotel key into the slot to my room. I was so damn tired I felt like I was going to collapse. I really just wanted to get into some sweats and just sleep for days without anyone walking me up. I opened my door and was completely surprised to see Ethan sitting on my bed. A smile lit up my face as I walked towards him but he looked up and it was the loving expression I was expecting, his face was instead filled with suppressed rage.

“Ethan what’s wrong?” I asked cautiously.

“I got an interesting call from Lauren early today.” He said looking away from me to his hands that were clasped together tightly.

“What did she say?” my breathing was in high gear, Lauren had told him about what she thought was a problem. And he must have come here to break up with me. Understandable, heartbreaking but understandable.

“This.” He spat throwing my stash so it landed at my feet. My breathing hitched as I tried to hold myself together.

“I-I can explain.” I said taking a few steps towards him. He looked up at me and his face had that look of suppressed rage again, making me stop short.

“And say what Bianca? That you’re a fuckking crack whorre?” He yelled standing up and taking a step towards me. 

“No, please just listen.” I whispered pleadingly, I don’t know what I would say but I’m sure it would be better then he was thinking.

“No, you fuckking listen!” He yelled pushing me into the wall behind me so hard my breath was knocked out of me and my head smacked against the wall. “I will not date a fuckking drug addict! I have kids Bianca! What if Hunter went through your purse and thought it was fairy dust or some other shiit! I will not stand for this!” He yelled grabbing both my wrists in his hands and squeezing so hard I knew if he squeezed any harder the bone would break. “Do. You. Understand.” He asked glaring at me. The pain in my arms was hard to think past but I nodded frantically up and down tears streaming down my face. “Good.” He breathed suddenly relaxing. He let go of my arms and pulled me into a gentle hug. “I’m just worried about you.” He breathed against my neck. I just nodded against him. My entire body was shaking so badly the only thing keeping me up was his arms.

“I’m sorry.” I whispered shakily.

“Nothing to be sorry about now that you’re going to stop.” Ethan said pulling away a bit so he could cradle my in his hands. “You looked absolutely beat when you cam in here, do you want to sleep?” he asked brushing his thumb repeatedly across my cheek bone. I look down at the floor and nodded. 

“Please.” I said wrapping my arms around myself unsteadily. I thought I had felt tired before I came in here, but now I was just aching for unconsciousness. 

“Come on.” He murmured leading my back to my bed. I followed him and let him undress me until I stood in just my panties. He laid me down in the bed and sat on the edge so he could brush the hair out of my face. “You just rest sweetheart, I’ll be right here.” He said soothingly. I closed my eyes and took in a shuddering breathe. The bed squeaked as he got up and I could here the rustling of clothes and then I felt him sliding into bed next to me. He was just wearing his silk boxers as he spooned behind me and wrapped a possessive arm around my waist so he could pull me tight against him. His breath was hot against my neck as he said “Night Bianca, I love you.” 

“Love you too.” I whispered as a tear fell soundlessly down my cheek. But they kept coming as Ethan’s breath became more and more deep, until he gave out a quiet snore. I breathed a sigh of relief and slowly pulled his arm off of me careful not to jostle him too much. I was free of his grasp and I scooted as far away from him as I could. I cried myself to sleep that night. Rick was right, I did have horrible taste in men.
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