New York Minute, Miriam Johana Russell

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The best way to end the week is a girls night out! We're all heading over to 1020 to have some fun. After we will head over to Carly's place for a sleepover! A great way to finish a stressful week of work and school.


“Hey girlie.” Sequoia winked in her usual sassy fashion as we met in front of the bar. She was one of the girls I’d met here and even though we were sort of opposites, I had to say, the girl wasn’t too bad.

“Hi!” I reply, looking carefully as I step onto the curb in my platform heels, Maggie at my side.

“We’re gonna have some fun tonight.” She said, hinting at her southern accent. 

“Ugh, I am so ready for that." 

“Long week?” Asked someone jokingly behind me. I turned and saw Carly and Sophie. I laughed at myself and came in to hug them both. 

When Kylee didn't show up, we all continued to strut into the bar like the fabulous friends we were. I was only having a couple drinks, I’d promised myself, since I did have a shift tomorrow afternoon. I refused to show up at Saks Fifth Avenue on Broadway of all places with a hangover. 

After Carly and I finished dancing our asses off to a dupstep remix of Ellie Goulding’s “Starry Eyed” I felt seriously dehydrated.

“I need agua!” I yelled over the deafening music. Carly nodded as I headed off to the bar.

“Two waters.” I told the bartender, taking a ten out of my clutch. Believe it or not, I think things in New York were actually more expensive than Hawaii. 

Out of the corner of my I could see this Park Avenue-looking dude eyeing me up and down. I recognized him because Sophie and Sequoia had been convincing me all night how cute he was and how sleeping with him wouldn’t kill me. 

The bartender handed me two bottles of Evian as I glanced over at him, and he was still checking me out. 

“What?” I said out of breath, almost laughing. 

“Nothing.” He shrugged, “I just thought that the girl who's friends and she'd been eyeing all night would maybe 'happen’ to come and talk to me so we could have one of those oh-so-charming movie moments.” 

I laughed and looked down at my feet and felt the rosy blush rise up into my cheeks. He kinda was a cutie. 

"Well since I'm sweating like a pig you can forget the movie moment thing, I guess, but I'm Miriam." I grin. 

He chuckles back and shakes my hand. "Marcus."

I can't help but keep smiling into his light blue eyes until hearing cheers from the girls down the bar. I could tell Carly was seriously bored with the fact that there wasn't anyone to meet her hook-up standard as she and the girls, except Sophie with her Shirley Temple, downed another beer. Though they all seemed to be happy once Kylee stumbled in and hour late.

"Well, I gotta go, one of my friends just got here." I say, heading down to them. 

"Hey, hey," Marcus grabbed my wrist, "You forgot your waters." He winked kindly. 

"Oh yeah," I stuttered, picking up the two bottles. 

"I'll see you around then?" I ask, trying to make my second exit more casual.

Marcus smiled sweetly. "I really hope so."

And to be honest, I kinda did too.


"Wait, so what happened with that guy you were chatting it up with at the bar?" Asked Carly, digging into a bowl of caramel corn. 

"Honestly...not really anything." I shrug, leaning back into one of Carly's oh-so-plush bean bags.

Sequoia made a pouty face. "God, he was such a hottie." She sighs, ending it with a giggle.

"Alright, enough with the coulda, shoulda, woulda," I exclaim, "I think Kyles just fell asleep," I end in a whisper.

We all look over at baby-faced Kylee and begin to giggle as Sophie runs to Carly's desk to grab markers.

God, do I love a good girl's night out.

xx, Mir
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