Name: Heidi Kirsch
Age: 17
Quote that describes your character: 'Look like a doll, swear like a sailor'
Hometown: Berlin, Germany
Currently City: Perth, Australia
Job/School: Last Year High School
Style: Classy for her age; tailored clothing that suits her body in the best possible way, mature yet has a playful approach
Bio: Heidi dreams of a place to call home but it never seems to be as her parents continue to travel; she makes friends only to leave them and her love life is non-existant to say the least. Heidi's parents are professional real estate agents who are always on the move, from one city to the next, jumping from another country to the other. Heidi has seen almost every inch of the globe; England, Scotland, New Zealand, Ireland and now, the next stop is Australia. Though happy that she'll be meeting new people, she has learnt to not entirely reveal the true Heidi as she may disappear in the matter of months. As all teenager girls, Heidi's friendly and a total sweetheart but it is the nice girls you have to keep your eye on. Her kindness has caused her trouble in the past, it's been mistaken as flirting and causes many unwanted cat fights. It should be known that Heidi has a nasty side that can be provoked through a spiteful comment or disrespect toward her; she has a way with words and can be considered a 'poty mouth.' But if you maintain steady ground with her, you should have no troubles whatsoever, just remember to proceed with caution.
Model: Jennifer Lawrence

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Wrote 4 years ago
@deercat Oh haha, thankyou!
It's fine, we all do that once in a while lol.

Wrote 4 years ago
is so pretty!
I'm sorry I was like stalking the MTW character collection and I saw it :)

Wrote 4 years ago
@deercat What about this ? hehe :3

Wrote 4 years ago


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