Can't Hold Us// Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Um, so this set is weird and messed up. Sorry. Okay so I've been accepted into a tip account! :O
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gorgeous :D

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@ilovetoby so do I!

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My beautiful shamazing taglist:
@graceisacaawkward Your soooooooooo nice and I loooooooooooove you sets! & your a great roleplayer(; ❤
@darienneisababe DARIENNEEEEE Your so nice and fun to talk to! ❤
Did I forget you? Just tell me!

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My beautiful, shamazing taglist :
@sincerely-emily-xo you got swagg gurl! cx❤ @rolingpaige you're the bom dot com with the awesome name (;❤ @selly-gomez246❤ @heyyitskim you are perfection Kimmycake ❤ @pixiestix33 {HH}! You're embarrassing but I love you❤ @the-beauty-project you are shamazing ❤ @qkhiguera❤ @kirstenchavez❤ @pink-5 cause you are amazing ❤ @visesioh❤ @stay-beautifulxo❤ @chloeadorable25 my adorable Chloe boo ❤ @emmaluv10869 you are so sweet! ❤ @nerdychic-xx you are too perfect Aurora ❤ @rsander ZOUIS BUDDY/ ZAYN SISTA WIFEY FOR LIFEYY @smart2bfit ❤ @thenamesmaggie {insert long paragraph about Maggie's awesomeness} and finally she's GORGEOUS AND AMAZING ❤ @matchstickz You seem really nice and your sets are PERFECT ❤ @sdesigner102 You seem really nice! I love your sets(: ❤ @ilovetoby You seem super nice(: ❤ @sunrays56 ready for the best message ever ray monkey? a'ight you da swaggermuffin and a freakin' amazing chick that's so freakin' amazing and makes me asdfghjkl fangirl(; ❤ @catsaremylife2 TRAVEL BUDDDY(; come to Canada and I'll come to Idaho! Then we can go to Florida, California, New York and Rhode Island(: ❤ @mightaswelldance You seem super nice! And I love your username(: ❤ @madilynnanderson I really love your sets! And you seem nice(: ❤ @selenuh Your sets are AMAZING and I love them to death! (: ❤ @sambecker You're so nice we should talk more(: And your sets: A-m-a-z-i-n-g ❤

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