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THURSDAY, MAY 19TH: To take a break from all the exams and stress, we're all going into the city for dinner and dancing! Come prepared with your dancing shoes because we'll be out all night.


I sat in a little restaurant in the city, listening while a bunch of girls were talking about god knows what. All I could concentrate on was Sam's phone call with was so confusing, I had to know what was happening between them.

"Harlow?" Clara broke me out of my reverie. "Did you hear what I said?"

I shook my head and stood up. "Uh, sorry, I have to go make a call."

Clara and Violet gave me a questioning look before shrugging and turning back to their conversation. 

Dialing the number, I waited until I heard a nurse's voice say; "Greenhaven Psychiatric Facility, how may I help you?"

I cleared my throat. "Um, yes, I'd like to know if I could speak with one of your patients...Jace Collins, my brother." I lied.

The nurse sighed. "I supposed it's alright since you're family. I'll put you through."

I waited for a moment and bit my lip. Suddenly I didn't want to do this anymore, Jace was in a mental hospital, not just on vacation. He had a problem and I was the root cause of it.

"Hello?" I heard a groggy voice.

"'s me; Harlow." I whispered.

Silence on the other line. "Harlow," I could hear the smile in his voice. "I'm glad you called,"

"You are?"

"Of course, have you been getting my letters? I obvioulsly know not my calls..." He drifted off.

"Yes, yes, I'm getting them. I-I miss you Jace. Things aren't how they used to be. I'm lonely here without you." I cried.

What the h-ll was I saying?

The moment got to me. I was making no sense, Jace was out in Greenhaven after he tried to kill me, and I was here still at school. Our lives were completely different now.

"Me too, Harlow, you know I do. I love you."

I sighed. "How're you feeling?"

"Okay," Jace continued.

We talked like that for awhile before I felt a warm hand on my shoulder. "Who ya talkin' to?"

I froze and put the phone to my chest. "Hey Sam, cousin, give me a minute?"

Sam nodded and went back to the table. "Jace, I'm going to have to go now. We'll talk later. Bye."

(Sam's POV)

"Jace, I'm going to have to go now. We'll talk later. Bye." I heard Harlow hang up the phone.

Anger surged through me, and I wanted more than anything to fight her on it. "So you have a cousin named Jace, wierd coincidence don't you think?"

Harlow's face dropped, just like I wanted it to. "S-Sam, what?"

"I heard you Harlow, talking to Jace. Look, I told him not to call because I care about you; I'm trying to protect you!"

Harlow stepped forward and glared at me. "My parents died when I was seventeen. I've been on my own since then, and I've done pretty d-mn well for a teenager. I never let myself need anyone, and certaintly not you. I don't need you to protect me, Sam, I can do that myself."

I stared blankly at this girl I wanted to fight with, but loved too much to continue. I made a face before Harlow stalked off and went outside.

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Wrote 5 years ago
I like Sam, so stop the Jace crap.

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{protector; love!!}
Wow, Harlow.

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protection) WOW

Wrote 5 years ago


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