30 Day Challenge
{Day 10 Discuss your first love and first kiss}
First love: I have never been in a real relationship and I don't know if it was love but it felt like that back then. He was in my class for so long and we've always been good friends and met but also with others and then i started to like him and we started meeting alone and it was so amazing for the moment. But it all became difficult when a "friend" of mine kind of tried to seperate us and unfortunately it worked out. That was like 2 or 3 years ago or something. We are now friends again but that's it. Well, for me. I'm not really sure how he feels because he sometimes hits on me but to be honest he's not really my type anymore.

First kiss: Ok sorry but I really cannot remember my first kiss. But like my real first kiss where I was conscious of it was on silvester (ok i was slightly drunk so not that conscious but i knew what i was doing). He is a friend of mine and we were at a party with friends. He's always a bit uhm cheeky?? I'm not sure if it's the word i mean but nevermind. However, I like him but just as a friend and we are always messing around a bit and he's really funny and reeeeeeeally good-looking. So it was midnight and I somehow knew it was coming, so we kissed and it was nice and later we kissed again but that was it basically.
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