JOB: computer programming / harvard student
BIO: Being the youngest student ever to be accepted at Harvard, she was basically a genius. She can speak multiple languages, and knows how to defend herself, and most of all, can hack.

In the first grade, she started with CheatEngine to hack basic flash games, then progressed more and more duping game items and actually creating inflation in games, meanwhile selling hacks and cheats to the general public through various websites. At 11, she became an Elite at hacking, getting her first million at that age, her money exponentially growing. At 12, she accidently hacked the pentagon, after mastering cmd (command prompt) and coding, thinking it was a fake one. She even made an FBI email address for the fun of it. (It's not like they would track her, she has 7 different proxies in 7 different continents switching her ip address faster than you can place a tracker on it.) At 13, she was accepted with a full scholarship at Harvard, for Languages and Computer Science. (more on that later)

Throughout her years at elementary and middle school, she was basically a normal kid at school, with straight As, and the occasional A+ when there were computer projects involved. When she had time, she did sports, mainly Karate and swimming, gaining her 6th degree black belt and tons of trophies and medals.

Her parents encouraged to learn languages for they enjoyed traveling and picking up languages to speak in the house. With the rest of the downtime, she is becoming fluent in German, Latin, Russian and Japanese, already fluent in English, Chinese, Spanish and Greek.

She is usually a happy person, and loves to prove people wrong, for her being so young. People love to pick on her, and if she's in a bad mood, or if they are particularly nasty, they might end up in the ER.

- what brings you to facebook?(Harvard Story is here! :3 )
When she was 13, she got accepted into Harvard, lying a little bit about her age. When they found out, the staff there were surprised, but due to her grades, let her in. The only people who weren't so happy? The students. They constantly grumbled about how a 13 year old girl was on campus, working with them on projects, and just generally being there. They decided to tease her and harass her, making her a loner, with practically no friends. 

The moment a guy took it too far and decided to slap her, the black belt in her took action, grabbing his arm and twisting it, forcing him into a half nelsen until he apologized and swore that he would never do it again. That was when the people suddenly was afraid of her, and actually had some respect.

On that day, Mark Zuckerburg happened to be visiting, ((he typically does this, I think in where his alma mater is, I forgot if it was harvard/stanford etc. my teacher has a daughter there and says it's true.)) and witnessed this, along with her hacking when she was bored, in the back of the class. Apparently 'Introduction to Coding' wasn't that difficult for her.

He immediately took interest in her, and after class, asked her to join the company. A bit of blackmail from Mark, and haggling from Rosie, she accepted, still sometimes going to class.

- how do you feel about working with visionary creators, such as facebook founder mark zuckerberg?
After him mentoring her for a while, she found out that he was pretty cool, they had many common interests, pranking, joking and well language learning. 

- what do you hope to learn through this experience? 
I'm hoping to learn from my mentor, and maybe get a few friends that are also great hackers.

- what do you think you contribute to our company?
My talent for programming and well…whatever Mark wanted me for, he was the one who basically had to blackmail me to get in here.

@druesaysrelax & @sophiaspastic
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thanks, im getting the tryout done now!

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you did not get the part since you didn't meet the first deadline.
i've got a new contest up so be sure to enter once your tryout is complete :)



6th place in group contest: my attention is back at the offices of facebook. (TRYOUT II)

6th place in group contest: my attention is back at the offices of facebook. (TRYOUT II)

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