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First off why the hell is " Like a g6 " on my ipod still !!!! 
Must take it off and add Like Jesus =]

Now for business----
Manhattan. It's the place you think of when someone says 'rich business men', or share markets, or companies. It seems like a place that is run totally by money. But really, it is that and so much more.
We are the teenagers of Manhattan. Our parents run those massive companies on the upper east side, we live in huge penthouses or townhouses, and we are given the very best, and expect nothing less. We are wild, wicked, and have all the money in the world at our hands. We get into so much trouble. But really, what else is there to do when you have everything you've ever wanted?
Us girls attend Victoria Park Prep School, and the boys? They go to St. Mary's Boys School. They are both extremely prestigious private schools and our parents pay tens of thousands of dollars for us to go there each year. You have to be of a certain academic standard to get in, but for those of us who don't quite make this benchmark can always be squeezed in with a little money in the right place.
On the weekends, we attend parties, represent at social events, and make speeched for the board of Manhattan society. Well, some of us. The rest of us spend our days partying it out at those expensive upper east side night clubs, dining in exclusive restaurants or hanging out with our friends in our parents hotel suites at the Ritz.

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