Hii, I wasnt going to share this but i have written an article for the Bermuda Young Observer! I'm still editing but its coming along good! I want you guys to read and tell me your thoughts on it...Here we go! 

Society killed the teenage mind. 

Do you know how hard it is for a teenager to live in this world? Do you know many people we “think” we have to prove ourselves to? Our story is unique. But yet no one seems to listen. We’re tired. People say “girl just be yourself”, but why every time we wear leggings, people think we’re trying to show our butt. Every time we hug a guy it’s, oh you like him? Since we have spaces in our teeth, we’re automatically ugly. It doesn’t make any sense to us. 
I'm try to find an outfit. I can’t wear something that my MOM paid for and would allow because I’m tired of hearing; “your mom actually allows that?” Or the usual “Girl where’s your clothes..?” Since when do you have the right to question my mother’s judgment? For me, everything I wear has to be perfect. Not for you but for myself because I classify myself as a fashionista. I can’t wait to be older. I can wear what I want…And society can’t judge me. 
Every corner I turn, I hear, “we don’t love no thotties, whores, garden tools”. Society specifically picks who to classify as those names. I think to myself, if anyone knew I would be classified as “those names”. It’s like if you’re not a virgin, you’re a thot. But if you are, you’re too good. It doesn’t make sense. Since when do I allow others dictate what goes on in my life? Since when do other people’s opinions matter to me? Then again this is the 21st century. The hardest it’s ever been. Where society thinks they have the capability to judge me. 
I think it’s crazy that I can’t speak my mind because everything I say “Can and will be held against me.” That statement is so true. Whatever I say someone has something to say about it. If I give a wrong answer I hear, you should’ve known that. But if I get it right, I’m a goodie-two-shoes...? How does society have the right to judge me?
Not every girl is a size -0. A girl sized 18 can be just as beautiful. Why are all models that eat known as plus-size models? She can be smaller than the girl who doesn’t eat but she does. Are you telling me that makes her plus size just like that? That’s destroying her self-esteem. Dramatically. But society has to judge her.
Society always tells you that no matter what you do you will never be good enough. You will always be too short, too skinny, too fat, too tall, too this, too that. Society tells you that you are beautiful in your own way, but then telling you that you have to be a specific body type, a specific type of person, specific hair, specific everything. Society is a big hypocrite. They tell you these things and then if you commit suicide, they switch and say “She/he was beautiful, she/he was special, she/he was loved, who could’ve told her/him wrong? When all along it was them. Society killed the teenage mind. All because society had to judge.
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