OK so here is a fun way to curl your hair WITH A SOCK? I know it sounds weird but it so easy and the curls last ALL DAY! I'm not sure why but somehow they just do! and here is teh fun thing it takes NO HEAT and it is totally safe for your hair!
what you need:
-spray bottle
-a long (or tube) sock (just any old long sock is fine just make sure it is nice and long!)
-hair ties
O1. Brush out your hair really good(:
O2. Make a HIGH pony right on the top of your head (this looks silly but it will come out)
O3. Get your sock and cut off the toes part
O4. roll up the sock so it looks like a donut kind of thing (like the round thing in the set)
O5. use your spray bottle and wet your ponytail so its damp make sure its not to soaking wet just wet enough so you can feel that its wet
O6. Now put the sock around the tie of your ponytail and lift it up to the top of the ponytail whil lifting it up (if you have layers this may be hard but it will be OK when you start tucking it in)
O7. Now roll teh sock down and tuck your hair in the bottom of it (this may be kind of hard at first but it gets easier and it will still work even if its not perfect) the trick is to keep tucking it in! you will end up with the picture in the top left of the set
O8. Now all you have to do is sleep in it(:
O9. In the morning take the bun out and the sock and style your hair and WALA! you have beautiful hair on a bueatiful girl!!! 
I think I'm teh first to do this tip but if not let me know! 
if you are confused about anything check out this video: 
I do this all the time it is much easier than you think! Comment if your going to try it or already tried it and tell me you rresults!! I would love to hear
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