When i saw this i thought it was really cute & here's the instructions on how to make it. (:

What You'll Need; ♥
- About 30 soda can tabs. More if needed.
- About 2 yarn pieces that are 15 in. long
- & scissors


01. String the two strings through the pop tab, one through the bottom and one through the top (the smaller hole being the top). You should string this one from the bottom up through the hole. After that you should then, set it on a table or the ground and flip the tab upside down.

02. Next, take another tab (right-side up) and string it on, but starting at the top and down through the holes. Pull it down the string until half of it is resting on top of the first tab. String the yarn back through the first tab.

03. Take a third tab, flip it upside down, and string it on from the bottom up. & next, string the yarn back through the second tab, & again from the bottom up.

04. Ok now just keep repeating steps 2-3 until the bracelet comfortably fits around your wrist (but not too long because it will stretch a little bit)

05. When you have finished, take the 2 ends of the strings & tie them all together into a knot. & when you wear them you can simply tie together the end strings.

Other than all that, you can also criss-cross the yarn to make neat little x's in between the tabs, you should use shiny elastic string, and/or paint the tabs to make each bracelet different and customized how you want it, so it will be original. (:

*Brought to Polyvore*
Good luck & REUSE! :D

Miranda. ♥

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Wrote 4 years ago
Oh i have a friend who is collecting those soda tabs so that way her aunt ... or grandmother ..... can make her a purse out of them ! :)
May God Bless You ! !

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