Soft Dramatic body type: "Bold and Sensual."

Interpretations of Kibbe's Soft Dramatic style.
The SD type: "Strong, straight bone structure; body type tends toward softness and fleshiness; facial bones very prominent and exotic; facial features very large, very full, and very lush."

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Wrote one year ago
Just a thought about "jackets by jenr8" - the blue ones.
I don't think those are SD, do you? None of them says "bold and sensual" to me.
The first jacket is boxy and shapeless, would work for a natural, perhaps.
The next one is very nice - for a classic, perhaps. Too tailored, simple, symmetrical and subtle.
The sky blue cardigan... that might work, though it's a bit dull.
The next blue cardi is even duller. Too simple, I'd say.
I love the pale blue coat in the middle but I would say it's yin lines and yang details, and for a SD it should be the other way around. The fabric is a bit too stiff, the pockets look shabby and I would say are the focus point of the coat, that is, below the waist, when for a SD it should be on the shoulders and waist.
The last vest... Here it is from front: - I'm not comfortable with that either. Looks baggy and sloppy to me. Soft Natural?


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