~Bad Suns, Transpose {this EP is brilliant! Band to watch!}

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I am not quite sure what this layout is... But I was just rolling with it. Initially I was inspired by the splendoriforous (not a word) @etchasketchinlola and @sarahstardom <3

HELLO LOVELIES. Sorry school is sucking up my time, as per usual. A couple of my classes are super boring this semester but hopefully they get better. In case anyone is oh so interested in my life, a few key points to be made of the past week or so:

1. Started reading The Spectacular Now book, which is great so far. I feel like Miles was casted SO perfectly because he is the embodiment of Sutter Keely. 
2. Still reading The History Of Love. I tend to read multiple books at the same time. Probably not a good idea yet I continue to do it. I'm still reading Catcher In the Rye from last year (tbh I find it quite boring but I know I'll finish it eventually).
3. UM THE TFIOS TRAILER???!!! Not sure what else to say because I have cried every time I've watched it. Also, thanks so much music/movie people for using like my favorite OneRepublic song in the trailer. That just made it all the more feelsier. 
6. The weather being inherently cold for no reason. Walking across campus without earmuffs or a beanie is death. 
7. Young The Giant's new album is pretty much the best.
8. Dan Smith has been added (MAJORLY, because I've liked him since discovering Bastille, but this week it hit hard when I saw him on SNL which was perfect by the way, they sound incredible live ANYWAY) to my severe musician crush list. He is beautiful, people. And his voice is beautiful too. Oh man.
9. I am asking for Breaking Bad shirts for my birthday. A Heisenberg one and a Los Pollos Hermanos one :) #nerdalert
10. Taylor Swift redeemed herself to me a little bit because her performance at the Grammys was, IMO, her best performance yet. All Too Well has always been one of my favorites, and she killed it. Also, her dress was gorgeous. 
11. That picture of Barbi is my new favorite. And that giraffe drawing with the flowers is the coolest.
12. Tights lined with fleece are my favorite. Steve Madden makes some amazing ones.
13. My ankle boots hurt my feet a lot BUT THEY'RE SO CUTE AND STYLISH.
14. Read please? It's for a Figment contest. http://figment.com/books/747538-O-Negative
15. HARRY'S 20TH BIRTHDAY ON SATURDAY. I'll try to make a set since I have every year for my bby <3

I don't know what else to say but I hope everyone has a great Superbowl Weekend! I don't have classes on Fridays so the weekend has already started for me :) I'm gonna sleep in and then go to the store to get stuff to make a cake and possibly a pie too because why not <3

Now off to watch Netflix, my old friend.

Much love! <333 xx

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