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Natalie Cole;

“Red alert guys,” Lucy’s voice echoed through the house as I slammed the front door shut behind me, “Nat’s in a mood.”

“I am not in a mood,” I snapped as I flung my keys into the bowl by the door specifically for keys. It meant someone (probably Danny) would take them later almost certainly but right not I didn’t care.

“A really, really bad one.” I stepped forward to find her leaning against the railing on the stairs and no one else in sight.

“Shut up Lucy, “ I snapped, harsher this time causing her to flinch away from me. I felt slightly bat but not really.

“Hey babe,” we were interrupted by Danny sticking his head into the hallway

“What Danny?” I asked with an exasperated huff, turning towards him eyebrow already raised skeptically 

“Something for you in the living room.” He told me, before retreating again.

Rolling my eyes because I was not in the mood for bullshit but still curious I followed him into the living room. The site that greeted me was Ella sprawled across one of the couches, head in Sam’s lap and Danny sitting across from them in the other couch.

“Are you my present then?” I asked nastily, raising my eyebrow yet again.

“No those are stupid.” He gestured towards a vase sitting on the table. A vase containing the most gorgeous pink tulips and I felt myself grinning despite myself.

“They’re gorgeous Danny.” I dropped onto the couch next to him, kissing him on the cheek before snuggling into his side. He lifted his arm for me and everything.

“I knew you’d think so.” He sounded cocky. I didn’t give him the satisfaction of looking at him, instead just gazed at the flowers and let myself unwind.

“You know one of these days flowers aren’t going to work,” I said conversationally as Lucy wandered into the room. She glanced between the free space on the couch and the arm chair before shrugging and dropping into the arm chair. Owen was no where in site, probably out with his friends or something. Boy still didn’t enjoy spending lots of time with us which was a shame.

“Well Danny will be in real trouble them.” Sam nodded matter of factly.

“Why do you figure?” Danny asked, looking up at him I saw he was cocking an eyebrow at her.

“It’s basically your job to deal with angry Nat.” Sam shrugged, not at all put out by his mildly intimidating expression. I suppose I wasn’t intimidated by it either, not after all this time.

“Nat is right here.” I volunteered with a little wave, “and if we keep talking about her like this she might get angry again.”

“It’s alright we’ll just wave the flowers in front of your face.” Lucy interjected with a cheeky grin.

“I hate you all.” I muttered, though I probably wasn’t heard over the sound of Danny’s voice.

“It is not my job to deal with angry Nat.” He stated firmly.

“You’re the one who always buys her flowers.” Ella pointed out, always the voice of reason.

“That’s because I’m the only one that can afford it.” He rolled his eyes which may have been a fair point. Danny could probably move out and live on his own, it’d be a stretch but he could do it. He chose not to though, probably because he enjoyed having money to spend on things other than rent and maybe some food.

“You know I think sex would work as well as flowers.” Sam derailed the conversation, leading it to a sexual destination as it was want to do with her involved.

“You volunteering to try?” Ella retorted, reaching up to flick Sam gently on the nose.

“Guys I don’t particularly like the direction this conversation is going,” I spoke up from my spot still buried beneath Danny’s arm. It wasn’t that I was uncomfortable with it or something I just wasn’t in the mood.

“Yea, plus we all know it’d be Danny’s responsibility.” Lucy chirped up and a glance over at her proved she was actually swinging her legs backwards and forwards over the edge of the chair.

“Please I am not a responsibility.” I scoffed, running my hand up and down Danny’s thigh, “you’d be lucky to have me.

“Oh I’m more than well aware of that.” Danny leant down to whisper in my ear before suddenly doing some quick ninja moves. I found myself lying pressed against the couch Danny hovering over me with that all to familiar look in his eyes.

Which is exactly when Owen chose to walk in.

He stared at us unblinking for what felt like an eternity before rolling his eyes, “You two should do something about all that sexual tension.” He gestured between us

“Been there, done that got, the t-shirt.” I singsonged as turned my head towards him as best I could, throwing in a wink for good measures.

“I don’t know what to do with you lot,” He threw his hands in the air before walking off, the sound his feet stomping on the stairs echoing back to us.

The second I locked eyes with Danny neither of us could contain our laughter and he collapsed against me, rolling us so he was laying on his side and I was curled up against his chest.

“How do they go from eye fucking each other to hysterical three year olds so quickly?” Lucy whispered to Ella though whether she meant for me to hear her or not I couldn’t tell

“One of the mysteries of the universe love.”

Random Fact: I named Zayn’s character Danny because his quiff sometimes reminds me of John Travolta’s from Grease.
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