Name: Zoey Simms
Age: 16
Model: Freya Mavor
Bio: Zoey was a wild one. She was always breaking rules and rebelling just for fun. That same rebellious attitude stays with her today. She is a hipster and is interested in things that are different than most girls her age. She has strange interests. Zoey is always getting caught in a tough situation. When she was younger her parents were never around and never cared enough for her, this made her wish to run away. She is still planning her run away.
Likes: Big cities, vintage, coffee, forests, places you can get lost in, cameras, Ed Sheeran, rings,rain, Selah Sue, cold weather, Passenger, maps, tea, type writers, unique items.
Dislikes: People, society, social interactions, school, authority, unoriginality.

I woke up to the blinding light shining through my window. Shoving my face in the cool pillow, I groaned. Why couldn't I just sleep all day? I dragged my half awake body to the kitchen. No surprise, my parents were gone as usual. It's nice to know they want to spend time with me before I'm shipped off to that new academy.

I was chosen out a select group to go to Hidden Village. Why would they want me anyway? What makes me so special? If anything I thought they wouldn't think twice about me from my record. The rebellious side always got the better of me at school, detentions every now and then. It was no big deal for me though, I'm a teenager this is suppose to be the time of my life, oak up every moment of it, and have fun! Easiest way for me to do that was break rules.

That gets me zero friends however, along with the fact I'm not like the other girls I went to school with. They liked looking like sluts, flirting, and loads of gossip. While I liked sticking to myself, different kinds of music, reading, and actually using my brain!

I got ready for a day around the city. Might as well enjoy it while I can. I blasted some Selah Sue while making myself some tea for the journey. Flipping my messy blonde locks out of my face snatched my necessities off the counter and out the door I went to take on the cold rainy city.
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