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It was a unseasonably warm day, and I was looking frantically for Jac, food styling wasn't my forte per say, but what the company wanted the company got, so here I was looking for the girl that could help me. I got tired of running around and pulled my phone out of my back pocket. After a couple rings, her pretty voice answered. "Tucker" she greeted. "Hey Jac, where are you? I need to talk to you" i said looking out the window. "Sure, im on a cafe near the park around Allure's building, come i'll orden something for you" she said. "Great, see you" i said hanging up. I walked and saw a pink caffe, with lots of lace, and pictures of kittens, Jac turned when the door bells rang, and laughed. "Never seen so much pink in you life?" she asked amused, i nodded still a little astonished. "You know the blow my reputation gets when people see me here?" I asked and she rolled her eyes smiling. I took a seat across from her on a white chair with fluffy pink ribbons around it. "If you wanted to go out with you could have asked" She said and winked. "Good to know but, Im not the one hanging inside a care bear's tummy" I said and she laughed "Really why here?" i asked and she smiled, "You'll see when the food arrives, but why you needed to talk to me?" "Oh yeah, well the celebrity wedding coming up next month needs the food photographed for Living Southern magazine, and i need food to photograph, besides im not very good food stylist, so its better if its fresh food" i said and she looked at me. "Why dont you talk to Thea?" she asked raising an eyebrow. "I dont know Thea very good, besides i need all the food they are going to serve and i dont know if its up her alley or yours" I said, shrugging. "I keep thinking you only wanted to go out with me" she smirked. I laughed. "Shut up Jackie, now how much food are we talking about here?" I said, dreading the answer. "Its a seven course dinner, plus hors d'oeuvres and cake." she said and i groaned.

"Its a seven course dinner, plus hors d'oeuvres and cake," she finished and I groaned. A grin played on her lips while she nudged my leg with her foot, "Come on, it's a celebrity... You're lucky it's not a ten course dinner." She reasoned "True," I nodded and ran my hands through my hair. I had so much shi.t to do but there was time, and the only thing I really wanted was to go home for a while. "Don't stress your pretty little self, I'll help," she said and I let out a sigh. "Really?" She nodded and smiled, "Really. But you'll owe me." "Anything you want." I promised "I'll remember that," she said as the waitress came over to set a basket of rolls down in the center of the table, pink of course, they were weird looking, like care bear shi.t but as she bit into one and I saw the expression on her face I knew I had to taste one. "Pretty little self huh?" I asked reaching for a roll. "I'm starting to think you're the one trying to get a date here." I grinned "You caught me." She smirked back at me, biting into the roll and chewing. I swallowed and nodded my head, "Not bad. I'm still not sure why you're here though... Nothing about you screams girly." I said and looked at her again, she was beautiful, in a very attractive womanly way but not girly "I'm girly," her mouth fell open. "But point taken. This place is a little..." "Like how I'd picture hell if it were up to a five year old girl?" she bit her lip and shook her head, "I'm doing research for a party in May. I need to come up with a menu for you guessed it, a five year olds party."

" Just go with mac and cheese, maybe in fancy cupcakes " I grinned. She stared at me, "That is not a terrible idea" "Of course its not a bad idea" I said taking another roll, i had to admit they were pretty good, but it felt weird to eat pink stuff, in a pink place, with pink everything. "I think we should go, im actually hungry" i said, taking some money and leaving it on the table. She looked at me, her eyebrow raised. "Where do you suggest we go?" she asked, taking her coat from the back of the chair. "Well, five year old girls love, i dont really know what they love, but i love a good sandwich, so can we please find a good sandwich place?" i asked, she laughed and nodded, shaking her head. "I really need to plan this party... what about flowers?" she asked and i rolled my eyes. "Im going to say this and i swear i will never stop liking girls, If i were you, i would do ponies and unicorns and something maybe farm meets fairyland... kids love animals, and girls love things that can't be real so there you go" i said. She looked at me and bursted out laughing. "Things that cant be real? thats a gold one" she smirked. "But not a bad idea at all, I will definitely have to make some arrangements, but you are not half bad" she joked. "Im here to serve my beautiful coworkers" I said, bowing, she rolled her eyes, but a small smile still lingered on her lips. "Food? real food?" She nodded, now smiling. "What's your favorite fast food?" she asked. "There is this place in my town, little shack they sell deep fried shrimps, like nuggets with a special dressing, they are great" "Where are you from?" she interrupted before i could ask her favorite. "South Padre, island, awesome" i smiled, "Sounds pretty, never been" she admitted. "We'll go! oh definitely, its not a terrible drive"

she blinked her eyes at me, "Right now?" "Why not?" I shrugged. "Because it's almost a six hour drive..." she trailed off, not sure if I was being serious or not. "Three and a half if you drive fast," I grinned, already leading the way out the door. It was actually a four hour car drive and I could make it a two hour road trip, busses took way too long, she tossed her purse over her shoulder, "Three and a half, huh? Impressive." "You in?" I glanced sideways at her as we got outside, both of my hands in my pockets. "There's that or the sandwich place across the street? Potbellies?" she said, pointing a finger in the direction of the deli, it was good, but it was not as good. I grinned slowly, "Afraid of a little adventure Jac?" she shook her head, "Afraid of deep fried anything maybe... but a little road trip? That's nothing." I pulled my keys out of my pocket, "Then hop in." I said opening the door to the passenger side, she climbed in the seat, closing the door behind her "So tell me about South Padre," she asked, reaching out to fiddle with the cars stereo. "It's a party place," I shrugged, staring ahead of me at the road, I didn’t care for her to play with the radio or the car I was pretty accommodating about my car. "The home of boobs, beer, and the beach." I grinned, we weren’t no Jersey Shore, but it was pretty good "Classy," she wrinkled her nose. "Are we talking wet t-shirt contests while we're eating?"

"Not necessarily, but quite the eating conversation topic" i said and winked at her. "Ok, hilarious" she said rolling her eyes with a smile, "Its so pretty, the way there" She glanced at the window, "It is, wait until we get to the ferry, its also pretty, which reminds me" I said pulling out my cell phone, and dialing my sister's i hooked the phone to the car, and waited for her to answer. "Hey Grant!" she greeted cheerfully "Lena, how are you?" Jac's curious eyes were fixed on the phone, where a pretty picture of my sister was on display. "Good, so what's up?" she asked already knowing that i wasn't jsut calling to say hello. "I need a girl's bikini, small, any preferable color?" i asked Jac. She blinked her eyes in confusion and shook her head. "Are you bringing a girl?! like a girlfriend?!?" she asked surprised. "No, its a friend, we'll be at the pier, and we'll stop for dinner, again, NOT girlfriend, dont go into meeting the parents mode" i chuckled. "Fine, fine" she huffed. "See you soon" I smiled. "Yeah, see ya" she said and hung up. "Ok, what was that?" Jac smirked. "That was my high school senior sister Helena, you cant go to South Padre without a swimsuit, so there she comes in" "That's so nice of you, i thought we were only eating the deep fried shrimps" she said and cringed. "Stop judging the shrimps, and i cant come all the way here and not see my grandparents, they would kill me" i said and smiled. "And your parents?" she asked curious. It wasn't hurtful to talk about them anymore, on the contraire it was nice to remember them. "They passed away around the time Lena was born, i was ten" i said and she gasped. "Im so sorry!" "Dont worry, its ok, i dont think it was that hard on me, so its nice to remember them once in a while" "That's nice, how much longer?" she asked. "an hour or so, but dont worry, the coastline is pretty close, so its a pretty sight"

She grinned, watching the view out the window, "You know, sometimes I forget that your name is Grant..." "Yeah?" I replied with a smirk on my face. "Do you prefer Tucker?" "It fits you better," she said seriously. "By the time we get there, it'll be too cold to swim." "Don't chicken out on me now Duchannes," I grinned. she grinned back and shook her head, looking out the window, "I'm not chickening out, I'm simply stating a fact." "Bawk," I made chicken sound and she laughed, looking back at me, trying to glare. "Tell me about your sister." I was quiet for a moment, "She's 16 and was a handful since the day she was born. Smart as hell, but a handful, a lot of potential though." She smiled, "Only sibling?" I laughed and shook my head, "No, there's five of us. All good looking too." "You got an older brother you want to introduce me too?" she joked, flashing me a charming smile as I cocked an eyebrow her way. "Brandon's 20, maybe a little too young for you, and Brayden's married, moved to Nashville a few years back." "Agreed on the little brother and such a shame with the married one," she grinned. "How's he like Nashville?" I shrugged, "That's where you're from, right?" she nodded, "Sure am." "Do you miss it?" I asked "Probably about as much as you miss your little college town," she winked as I laughed. "I'm sure you have some stories to tell about growing up in South Padre. Was it a party 24/7?"

"Oh it was the best, but not because we were party animals, which we were but its mostly because its small, and nice and not going to lie, it was very fun, how was Nashville for you?" "Believe it or not, i was a very easy child, straight A's and all that jazz" she smirked. I looked at her "Im trying to picture it, its just not coming into my mind" "As.s" she laughed. "Well we are thirty-eight minutes from the ocean and its still early" i said. "That's crazy, we have only been in the car for a while" she reached over to look at the speed i was driving which was probably not the best idea since i was really speeding. She nodded "Ok, no i take it back, i understand now" she smiled. "You are not going to throw a fit, or demand me to slow down?" I asked surprised. "God no! why would i do that, i havent been to the beach in a while the soon i get there the better" I chuckled, at her answer and she smiled back. "Well welcome to south padre, we reached the 4pm ferry and it will take about thirty minutes to get there" she smiled excited and nodded her head, just staring outside the window "Tucker, this place is amazing, white sand, blue water, you are so lucky" she said, playfully shoving my shoulder, i got in line where the cars should park for the ferry. A little man in a navy blue uniform tapped on the window. "Going to the Island?" he said, i could swear i recognized him. "Yeah, taking the car, two passengers" I answered with a smile. "Grant Tucker is that you?" he asked. I thought it was a high school classmate. "Hey man how's it going, yeah its me" i said and extended my hand. "Welcome back to the Island. Everyone is going to be excited to see you back, i saw Mrs. Tucker the other day, she is so nice, its $54 for you two and the car man" he said and i handed him the cash. "Nice seeing you" I said "Let me guess high school, football star?" Jac teased. "Wrong, Basketball captain and lead role in the school productions" I grinned proudly.

she bit her lip to keep herself from laughing,it was pretty sexy when she did that, "What?" I asked finally. "You just described Zac Efron's character in those movies...High School Musical," she grinned back at me, I knew him from Lena, she made me watch all those movies, it was the 9 hours of my life I will never forget, they were awful "I was better." I saida dn resisted the urge to stick my tongue out at her like a five year old "Well you sure do look better, I'll give you that," she replied honestly. "Do you sing?" I shrugged my shoulders nonchalantly, "Maybe I'll tell you some day when you're not making fun of me." She smirked wide at my answer, leaning back in her seat as I parked the car, "Fine. I'm honored as it is to be hanging out in South Padre with a local celebrity. Do people bow down to you here? Kiss your feet when you walk through town?" she teased "You never stop, do you?" I asked but grinned. "I'm always curious," she said seriously. "I'm full of questions." She added "I've noticed." She eyed me carefully before smiling, "Do we get to sit in the car or can we explore?" "What would you like to do?" "Explore," she answered, seat belt already off. I reached for my own and we both climbed out of the car, me, locking it behind us, "I'm having a hard time picturing you as a good little girl." I had to admit "My mom left when me and my sister were little," she shrugged, "My dad was on the road a lot, me and Lys always raising hell from venue to venue." She said, it was pretty bad but I could totally see her as a musician’s kid "Now that I believe." her mouth fell open and she nudged my side with her elbow, "My Gran ended up taking us in since living on the road was no way for a kid to grow up... That's when I became a good girl."

I nodded and looked ahead. The ferry was moving, and we where almost there. "The last ferry leaves at 10, we should be back by then or just stay the night and be on the 5am one." I said and she pursed her lips. "I dont know what we should do. Lets just see how it goes?" I nodded. "You want anything? I've got some water in the car" I asked. She shook her head "Lets go to the top floor i want to see everything" she grinned. "Its only a 10 minute ferry ride" i said and she glared, i raised my hands in surrender. Chuckling she took me by the arm and pulled me to the stainless steel stairs. "Even thought, its 10 minutes of sightseen" 

We reached the Island in a few minutes, Jac reluctantly got in the car, "the ferry should be longer, its so pretty" she said. "Its a way to go to the pretty places" I said and she rolled her eyes. I spotted Lena leaning against the red pick up we all got for her. "That's my sister" i said and parked the car right next to hers, she looked at the car in confusion, taking off her headphones. "She's pretty" Jac commented before i got out of the car "Lena!" i said and she grinned widely. "How are you?" she asked hugging me back just as tightly. "Great, you?" she smiled. "Good, Nana is already making dinner for all of us" she rolled her eyes playfully. "Great" i smirked. "Lena this is Jacquelyn, we work together at Allure, Jac, this is my baby sister Helena" Jac smiled at Lena, and she smiled back. "Its nice to meet you Jac" Lena said, shaking her hand, "You too Lena, you got a sweet ride" she said eyeing the red pick up. "Its amazing, wanna ride to the beach? I'll show you the bikini i for you and stuff" Jac nodded, looking at me. "You go, girs time is not something i plan to interrupt." i grinned.
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just Lena, the other ones, i can punch ;)

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nah, you are pretty good. ;) but im the bullied one.

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she did, mostly cause you make fun of me relentlessly

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she is, she has been nagging me to take you back...!


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