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Esin Dawes
age: 17
descendant of: Iezabel the Taker 
bio: Esin is in love with a boy. Strike that, she was in love with a boy...until Bishop Privvy stole him away from her. But no one trifles with a Taker and gets away unscathed. Esin made it her mission to get her boy - Langdon Urswick - back, and more importantly, punish Bishop. And Esin did get Lang back, if only to prove to herself that she could. Now she seems to be keeping him out of spite rather than actual love. That too is Bishop's fault. Esin loved him once, and now she feels nothing for him. Between dreaming up new ways to embarrass Bishop in public and ordering Langdon around like a slave, Esin keeps company with her Ancestress Iezabel. And in fact, she's probably the only one that doesn't find the woman completely chilling. It's rumoured that Iezabel is teaching Esin powerful, dark magic - how to manipulate the mind and even cause death through thoughts alone. Needless to say, such power in Esin's hands could bode ill for Bishop Privvy. 
model: Emily Wake
taken by:

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