Don't be afraid to show the world who you are Actias Luna Moth ♥ 

(dear followers, this set took me about 2 h like most of the other "knowledge" sets. It's really not so easy to come up with an idea and find pics to it. Here I just had the idea of a lime coloured set and then I searched for an animal which has this colour in it. I saw the actias luna and doesn't it look nice? After that I found the model pic of Versace Backstage 2013 and added the acc. Then suddenly I rememberd my literature class where we talked about a sonnet by Sir Thomas Wyatt. The sonnet is about light/dark and birds/moths and allover about unrequited love.... 
The idea behind the set is that we all are beautiful and we shouldn't be afraid of showing who we are, I know sometimes we feel like being a ugly moth but I think the luna moth is as beautiful as a butterfly! "Baby you're a firework, come and let you're colours burst!!!"

sonnet source:
"Some fowls there be that have so perfect sight,
Against the sun their eyes for to defend ;
And some, because the light doth them offend,
Never appear but in the dark or night :
Other rejoice to see the fire so bright,
And ween to play in it, as they pretend,
But find contrary of it, that they intend.
Alas ! of that sort may I be by right ;
For to withstand her look I am not able ;
Yet can I not hide me in no dark place ;
So followeth me remembrance of that face,
That with my teary eyen, swoln, and unstable,
 My destiny to behold her doth me lead ;
 And yet I know I run into the glead.

song: "firework", glee version
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